Another letter for Elizabeth


you're asking why I think I can't talk to you anymore, and I can't answer the right way. In truth I feel like I can't talk to you anymore because you seem like you're bugged by what I'm saying more and more often. It's because you tell me that I'm overreacting because being told that i'm overreacting was made me start cutting myself. I guess that it's just that since I've gotten back to school nobody in my grade wants to be around me because they care so much about what other people will think of them if they do. Either that or they're fed up with me. I'm just scared that the same thing is going to happen with you, that ur going to get completely fed up with me and just fade away or start avoiding me. I know, I know, I need to stop worrying so much but there are certain cases in which it's really hard for me not to.



The End

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