Anna One, Chapter ThreeMature

Anna pointed an accusing finger at her mother.

"Mother, I think it's about time we had a little talk. About how you feel about me." Anna said quietly though still, full of power.


"Do you love me?" Anna asked.

"Y-yes," whispered Jane.

"Then why did you want to abort me?! And don't even think about lying to me! I heard it myself - when I was in your womb."

Jane looked at Anna with horrified eyes once again. She gulped nervously.

"Y-yes, I wanted t-to ab-b-bort you, b-but I was y-young and sc-scared," she stuttered, "But your f-father," she gulped back tears, "He stopped me. He s-saved you. W-why...why did you k-kill him?!"

Anna smiled slowly, sending chills through her mother.

"What if... what if I told you that I know everything? Everything. About your first date even before you first met. How you guys argued to the point fists were thrown. You wouldn’t believe me Mother, would you? Nobody would." Anna murmured, pulling her black hair out of the pigtails her mother had carefully put them in.

"Oh, and why did I kill him? Yes, he saved me from you, and so he has already served his purpose. I don't need him anymore. But now you have nobody to save you. I want you to say you love me and I want you to say it like you mean it - or else you might find yourself beside your husband," threatened Anna.

"Of-of course I do honey. I love you," her mother trembled.

Jane stood there, staring at this creature in front of her, hoping that her lie sounded convincing. She couldn't believe it. How could Anna possibly know all that before she was even conceived? How could she know it before even being a possibility in her mind? She couldn't have known all about their fights, their negotiations, their life plans... But then again, hadn't she always worried about this baby? Hadn't she always felt as if something was just so very wrong during her pregnancy, that this tiny being inside her just felt too... powerful?

Anna was still glaring at her. Evidently she wasn't affected by Jane's frightened declaration of love.

"Oh please, mother, don't bother lying to me. I don't have the time or patience for lies," Anna said in her cool, controlled tone, dripping with sarcasm, "I have no need of parents like you and Jack. I can very well live my own life. All I want to know is... Why?"

The End

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