Anna One, Chapter TwoMature

Jane looked at her, not wanting to believe what she had just heard as she backed herself further up against the wall. Anna had never spoken. Not more than two words.

"Wh- How? You don't speak like-" Jane whispered. Anna edged closer to her, showing her mother the wire cutters, bringingthem closer and closer.

"If you’re my mother you shouldn’t be afraid of me," she giggled, sending shivers down Jane's spine, "You know what, I quite like this fear... The fear you have of me. It feels good. No, great. YOU cannot control me," she giggled again, "I control YOU."

Jane gulped, "Anna, sweetie, please put that thing down. It's dangerous."

Anna cocked an eyebrow, leaving the cold expression on her face, "Dangerous? To you, Mother, maybe. Not to me. This is just my toy."
Her expression hardened, "And what are you complaining about anyway? This is all your fault. You made me this way. Now, I'll spare you for now. But if I hear anything - and I mean ANYTHING - which upsets me... from you OR Father, I won't be happy. And you both will definitely not be happy. In fact you might not even be here to feel the emotion."

Her mother, a shaking nervous wreck, stood nervously, trying to edge out. Anna glanced up with a flash of anger in her eye and stepped hard on Jane's foot. Her mother yelped.

"Don't you move!" Anna whispered, "Don't you even try moving a step."

Janefroze in the corner that she was backed up against, sweating like she'd just run a marathon. Anna's grin widened, glittering and cruel.


"I’m home," Jack called.

As Jack turned to hang his coat, Anna sneaked up on him slowly. She pulled the dirty towel from his back pocket, blackened from the construction atmosphere, and jumped on him - throwing  the towel around his neck and pulling it tightly as she did. His eyes widened and he clawed at the towel, but to no avail. As she felt his heart throb, fighting to stay alive, the sickening grin etched deeper into her face and a rush of excitement jolted through her veins causing her to pull even harder on the already tightly pulled towel.

Jack continued to scrabble at it, buthis oxygen was no more and he couldn't pull it off. For a second, his eyes shone with tears and then he dropped to the floor with a crash.

Anna huffed from the exertion, then let go. She stared for a minute, revelling in the excitement and she let out the loudest, most evil, screaming laugh Jane had ever heard.

The tears were thick in Jane's throat as she tried hard not to let herself scream or cry. Anna turned on her and the fear that bolted through her whole body was one she'd never felt before.

The End

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