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Anna One - Chapter One

It all began on a normal summer in Portland, Oregon, on one beautiful morning, when Jack and Jane Wilson said their vows to each other; a promise of life together. They went away on their honeymoon, excited newlyweds, and you know the works. So months later found Jane very pregnant.

It was hard work, being pregnant. The early months were full of nausea and dizziness, to her it still felt like a haze. Now, she was so heavy that standing up was becoming a pain. On one of her more stressful evenings, Jane sat, uncomfortable and irritable. Shehad been trying to ignore the dull throb that seemed to be setting in.

It wasn't until ten minutes later that she felt the wetness of broken water between her thighs, and the first searing pain of labor. She yelled out.

Immediately, Jack was arosen from his sleepy daze. In a flurry of panic that followed this first contraction, Jack gathered things together, found his car keys and rushed Jane to the hospital.

Reaching the hospital, she was wheeled into a room, sweating and nervous. The cold jelly was spread over her swollen belly and the doctor gently swiped the wand over to reveal the small, grainy form that was to be her baby on the screen, the doctors could see no complications likely to occur. She smiled slightly as she remembered she was going to have a girl.

Perhaps it was just the haze of pain, but a dull pulse of fear ran through her veins as the nurse informed her she was going to give birth. It wasn't the fear of giving birth but something more... like the life she was carrying was instilling it in her heart.

The nurses in the operation room told Jane to push and she screamed in response. Her cry was heard "Ahhhh!", she yelled. Then the head became visible, then the babies tiny body and feet.

Soon after, a sweat-soaked, exhausted Jane held the tiny red form of her baby daughter in her arms and named her Anna. Just Anna. No middle or last name. Neither Jack nor Jane truly understood it.

Jane was scared; even as she held this baby that, for all intents and purposes, looked; harmless. She knew this child wasn't normal. A small throb in the back of her head erupted and her vision dimmed for the space of a minute. What she saw in those sixty seconds terrified her so much that she was left speechless.

Anna would fail her classes. She wouldn't like this. She would get mad and tie up her teachers. She would slit their throats...

Even as she thought this in her mind, she shuddered, looking down at her baby. These weren't normal thoughts for a mother, were they? But Jane was frightened of these events that had just unfolded in her head and knew, deep down, that this was more than just in her head.

During her pregnancy she'd always felt a nagging worry. Always felt like the being inside her was too strong, too powerful. And she had voiced her thoughts once that perhaps this pregnancy wasn't for the best. But Jack had told her that she couldn't abort their baby, not after all the time and effort trying.

He would raise his daughter with all the love in the world and let her grow up feeling like a princess. He wanted dreams beyond his own capabilities for her. He could imagine her, all grown up one day, a successful businesswoman, living the beautiful, luxurious life that she deserved. Or perhaps doing something she loved - maybe a hair stylist. Who knew?

Jane wasn't so enthusiastic. She was far from actually. Anna - could she be all those things? The voice of doubt echoed in her head and a sudden anger took hold of her.

"Yeah Jack. That's all you're worried about. You're thinking of your own greed and ambitions. And here I am worrying about her when..." Jane trailed off, uncertain.

"When what?" Jack prodded.

She's going to be an angry child. A scary child.

But she didn't voice that. He'd think she was crazy.

Jack looked at her for a moment, unsure of what she meant. Finally he said, just to calm the waters but not back down: "We’ll see what happens, Jane."

And that fateful day, the daughter that Jack had promised to love completely and the child Jane feared more than anything was born of them. And that was the moment their life was changed forever. Perhaps even the world.

Years passed by and Anna grew to be a five-year-old. You'd think she was the cute type, like all kids that age. But no. Not Anna.

She always wore this sinister look on her face, unlike other children. She never smiled or played nice. No one was ever comfortable around her.

One evening, her mother noticed Anna watching TV, a dark, cold expression playing on her features.

"Are you okay Anna?" her mother asked tentatively, worried her daughter may get angry with her for asking.

Anna just stared straight ahead at the TV, watching the snowfall on the screen. Abruptly, she got up, walked ever so calmly towards the television set, raised her fist and punched it straight through the screen. It smashed to bits, glass flying everywhere, and sparks erupted from the smoking TV set, accompanied by a chorus of crashes and bangs.

Her mother watched, horrified. A panic began to overcome her and she backed away towards the telephone, wondering what she could do, whom she could call. She snatched up the phone quietly, not wanting to alert Anna, and dialed for the police. No tone.

Jane glanced around, wide-eyed with fear, and saw the cord - it was cut. She slowly looked up, her throat dry with fear, into the shining eyes of the thing that was meant to be her daughter.

Anna glared menacingly, flexing the wire cutters in her hands; clearly on display for Jane to see. Her stare was intense and frightening as she began to speak. Jane shuddered.

"Oh, you're not gonna be calling any little policemen over here, Mother dearest. You're not going to call anyone who thinks they can control me," an evil smile spread across Anna's face, "I am your child. So take care of me. Because if you don't, I'm going to take care of you. And trust me, you don't want that. Do you understand?"

The End

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