Angry FatherMature

This is the story of part of my life, how I've grown up.

  For as long as I can remember my father has always been a killer of spirits. He never encouraged us, and his favorite saying was "I want you to fear me". My sisters and I grew up, well to be honest fucked up. We have a distorted view of the world, and though we aren't violent angry people, we still look back at our childhoods and think how things could have been better if only my father hadn't been such an angry violent ass. Unfortunately two of us still live in this situation, and both of us are going mad. His violent outburst for no good reason send him on a warpath in which everyone should avoid.

   Although I am older now, and understand things better, I still get frustrated that I cannot get out of this position. Granted I do have a job and a fiance whom I've managed to drag into this situation, but money is always scarce, for reasons such as bills, and my fiance's and my horrible spending habits, which stem from growing up and not having anything. I even go as far to give my father money to help with his bills, or gas for the cars. I'm not really sure why I do it, my body holds every bit of hatred towards him, but I know in my heart he could be a greater person. If his anger had not gotten in the way then he would have been an alright dad.

The End

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