The talk

Blood was starting to block part of her eye vision.

A cut on her left eyebrow courtesy of Jena was now making it hard to see where her opponent was coming from.But still the bruising and aches where better than any workout...

There was laughter present in the way she moved slowly waiting for the next attack.

"Come on Jena.Is that all you have ?"

Not really banter as much as a share joke.

"Maybe." She was less than two feet away partly as damaged as C,but still standing.

"You are such an idiot!What was the purpose of this ?"

"Well what do you want the short version or the truth ?"

"Just give me an answer."And she left her body fall on the matress.

"You are out of the bed.And active."

"You couldn`t have come up with a plan that didn`t involve any fighting ?" As soon as her words where out she said."Strike the last remark.For a second there I forgot who I was talking to."

C sat near her and remained silent.

"C ?"

"Yeah ?"

"Thank you,not only for this."And her hand went about pointing her surrondings."But for caring enough to make me come out of my depression.Thanks."

She wasn`t very fond of emotional displays but as best as she could her arms came around Jena`s shoulders and she tried to provided with some measure of confort.

"Yeah,don`t sweat it.We`re cool."

Upstair the guys where still talking about game rooms and T.V screens...

"Are you going to be ok ?"

"I don`t know yet.I think so."

They stayed there.Sat on the floor of their new gim in their new home.

The End

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