A home

In the absent of all she had expected from her short life,living with the ones she respected and even was fond off had never been part of her plans.

Today she had changed that and in front of her eyes stood a house and a make belive family with enough problems to give her indigestion!

She was not a happy bunny!

N and Sam were otherwise busy talking by the van about what they would do with the empty room in the back of the house.Both choices had meridth.One wanted a game room,the other wanted a big t.v screen and all the new appliances to go with a game box.

Jena had already  picked her room and was busy ordering the moving men about where all had to go.

At least she was talking in setences !

Pastor Torrez was standing next to C.He said nothing just standing there observing them all.

"I have something to say.If you care to listen."

He looked at her and saw not the frighten girl he had one rescued but  a woman who was very much her worst enemy.


Her eyes never left the house.

"I understand you trying to help Jena come to terms of what has happen .Even you wanting to spend more time with Sam.N`s presence explains itself.My question is .What am I here for ?"

"Have you ever tried to maintain a family together without the one that glues them all together ?You are that glue.We have you in common.That is why ."

She left him standing alone.It was as much as a thank you for all he had done in the past as he was going to get.A grin was set on his face when he went near the two still discussing the outcome of the room.

Jena had her room all laid out.The furniture what little of it was already in place and now that the men where gone,she was laying in bed.All the energy spend in moving worn off and she was back in pity land.

C entered the room.

"Get out of that bed."

The command came short and at a level that ment business.

"Leave me alone C.I want to be left alone."

"Tough!Either you get up by yourself or I will make you.Choose."

Her arms where crossed at the chest and she was casually standing under the door frame.Jena was not mistaken by the casual posture,she knew C was not lying about getting her out of bed!


"Pitty.I was looking forward to give you a hand getting up."

"Yeah.I bet you were.Where are we going?"

C took her down the stairs into the basement.

When she turned the lights on  Jena saw the reason why.

"I am not fighting you."

"Who said I was giving you the option."

And just like that she attacked Jena.

The way she saw it,trainning always put her in a better mood.And she was tired of letting Jena greave in silence.She was not improving!

They fought!

They bled and they kept on fighting...

The foundations for a family were trully laid down.

The End

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