Home truths and what not

The park had seem like a good idea at the time.

What had he been thinking?

Clearly the three of them thought his idea was without meridith or they where so bored they always behaved in such rude manor!

C was not impressed by Jena or Sam attitude...They had been so quite it was surprising N hadn`t yet gave up on them!

But she could see by his suden intake of breath that whatever patience he may have had was now trully gone.After all they had been behaving like two teenagers who are forced to go on holidays with their parents when they would rather stay at home with their mates..

It would stop now.If she had enough of them and she knew them; God only knows what N trully wanted to say or do to them.

"N,can you go and get us some drinks.I saw s little quiosque back at the entrance.We shall wait for you near the swings.Ok ?"

Her eyes pleaded with his.She needed some time alone with her problematic aquired family.Now!

With a slight kiss on her temple he left them alone.

She let her breath out and turn to face Grumpy and grumpier.

"Right.Common you two lets sit over there and talk."

Her arm pointed at  the bench near the entrace for the children play area.

When they where all seating and facing each other she was the one who stood there looking quite unaware of how stranged she seem with a fierce posture that meant business in that warm weather in a quite afternoon in the park.You may even say that if they didn`t agree with her she may have to resource to taking her gun out and shoot some sense into them.

And a smile of she could deal with that option.

Made her sober up and start talking.

"Get over what is troubling you two right now.I mean it."She stop talking for a minute.

"Sam. You seem like you lost your best friend.And you Jena.Fine we all now Richard is dead.It is tragic but life goes on.You are not dead."

She had other things to say,harsher ones but N and pastor Torrez had been very vehement on how she could aproach them.Or what she could actually say to them.Both looked so fragil a strong wind could take them blowing away.

Jena knew she had been very depressed lately and she also knew that C was right where Richard was concerned.She missed him,so much.She hadn`t really realised how much he brought  into her life.And she hadn`t realised how much she wanted until it was too late...

Sam was thinking of all the friends he was going to leave behind,but above all he didn`t want to leave Pastor Torrez back home.He was like the closest to a father figure he had.

C stood there and really saw for the first time her family and she came to terms with the fact that they need her to be here.She wasn`t so sure about how to go about it or what to say to them,but she wouldn`t go way.

Killing came more natural to  her but being part of a family was who she was right now and seeing them surfer had made her choose something else today.

She brought out her phone and she made one call.

"Alo,it is me.I need a favor."

"Go ahead.I am listenning."

"I need a house.A three floor house with a basement that can be converted into a gim.And i need it for today."

She heard the repply said thank you and put the phone away.

She then stayed very quite for a few minutes.And by then N had came back.He sat down next to her and passed her the cool pop drink.

"Something wrong ?"

He asked looking at all their stern faces.

C was the one that broke the silence by asking him a question."Want to move in?"

And she took a sip.

The silence was quite something...


The End

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