Family time

" Why are you snapping at her?" N asked.

" I'm not snapping. How hard is it to make a hamburger without mayo?" Cassie asked sullenly

As they left the drive-thru. This was meant to be a sort of normal family event. They were going to eat hamburgers in the car as they drove around and looked at Christmas lights. They were going to be a little family Cassie, N and Sam.

" You can change your mind you know" N asked

Cassie shrugged her shoulders and looked away. She focused on unwrapping her second burger.

" F****" Cassie spat

" What?" N asked

" There's mayo on this burger"

" Just scrap it off" N suggested

" With what?

" We'll go to another burger place..." N suggested

" Don't bother I'll wipe it off with some napkins. I swear they put on more mayo just to piss me off. Look! Look!"

N said humoring her " Yes. They were absulutely brutal with the Miracle whip"

Cassie checked on Sam through the review mirror. He seemed way to tense...As the yelling subsided he seemed to relax...a little. He at his burger in small bites. He didn't look like a child with a supposed hollow leg. And he was to quiet. Was he nervous? Father Torrez basically told her he never shuts up. How well did she even know her own brother?

" How long until we pick up your friend?" N asked

" If she hasn't put her head in an oven yet...we will pick her up in an hour" Cassie sighed

" Then I know the perfect place to go..."

The End

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