After N had called her and she had left the rest of the pack behind she made her way back to the loft.

Part of what Jena had said ecoed in her brain over and over again like a broken record.

"Can`t you change ?"

But the real question here was did she want to ?

What would come out with it ?

To let go of all that had made her what she was,and lean on N ?

To became vulnerable ?To just be feminine ?

But above all.To stop killing ?

Was Jena right.Couldn`t she change ?

Without thinking she steared the car to a stop near her entrance and left it.

Her reasoning to get out and come here was to look for a punching bag,but somehow the question of why she did what she did kept coming up,like a bad re-run...

They had send a rockie to keep tabs on C.She hadn`t really been seen since Dustin had been killed.

They wanted to know of all the six who was the one who would step forward and take reins on the organization.

All bets where on C.But would she take it ?

It meant staying behind the scenes and allowing others to be her eyes and hands.

It also meant she would have to relinguish control to others and that seem the only thing they where really concerned about.

Of all the six that had trainned together she was without a thought the most capable of taking the lead,but did she wanted it ?

They had paid attention to her close relanshionship with N,maybe that would help her decide.It would mean more time back home with him,and less missions.

Even Sam would be affected.She could live near him again!

She was next to the car by now.And the survailence team paid close attention to her next move.

"What are you doing here ?"

She put her hands on the door and looked in his eyes.

"Good to see you as well C."

The repply came as a joke as much as a compliment.

"Boss wanted to know if you where alright ?Are you ?"

What a lot of B....."Dandy!You ?"

She never stopped in the past to do small talk it was making them a bit unsure of what her next step would be.

"Tell him I shall be coming in with my brother a pastor and a girl.Make arrangments for all.Tonight."

And she left.

Into her car and back to her family,she had made her decision.

Was she still the best ?

The End

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