Loose endz

The loose ends were left hanging. Father Torrez was homeschooling Sam. The church was made bullet proof. Sam didn't like it at all. He was always too much of a boy. Always filled with energy to burn. Cassie felt guitlty but she couldn't turn back know...Not just because she was stubburn but she was stubburn. Jena had drew a giant bullseye on her, Cassie had no choice to fight back. No one would ever make her a victim again...She was not that desperate seven year old anymore. She had the power to fight back and she would.

Cassie put on her Ray-bans. To the rest of the world she was C. But to her she was just trying to enjoy the wind in her face. Her car blended in with the rest. Blending was as close to silence a car could get. But she didn't want to blend one day she would...get something with speed,grace and sex. Her neon was none of that.

As for Jena. She still refused meds. But when Cassie was leaving , Jena actually got off the bed and leaned on the balcony and smoked. Baby steps...but Cassie didn't have that kind of patience. Maybe she should find a guy to be her bf...boys weren't so whiny.

So her life felt like a flaccid penis...weak and useless...except for when it came to N. He didn't even seem mad that she had left in the middle of the night. He pulled back at let her have her own space. Finally he was getting her and really loving her.

Cassie's phone rang. Cassie jumped. Out went her after glow...

" Yept" Cassie snapped

" Just a warning there is a goth nightmare driving around your apartment" N said

" I'll take care of it" Cassie said calmly.

" I know you will..." N said uselessly

" I heart you too" Cassie said and hung upthe phone

Cassie hit the gas. Ran threw a red light. Her adrenaline pumped silently. She really did need to work out some aggression...and god was considerate enough to provide a punching bag...

The End

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