For Jena

C had an idea where she would find him.

He no longer was in hiding and the fact he had bothered to kill an associate of the group said everything they need it to know.

Jena was out for a few days.Pastor Torrez would help her with the burial details,and Sam was otherwise trying to make her eat something.

Funny how sometimes you find friends in the mist of foes.

She parked her car in the view of the of the windows.No hididng for either of them.

She was aware he had cross the threshold of madness here.

So coming in the dark and having a team apprehend him was not an option.

 She wanted him for herself.

For Richard and Jena.For herself and N.Even for all that relied on the organization to keep them away from harm.

She took her gun with her but when face to face she would use her wits and her strength,maybe even her knife.

But in the end it would be with herself as a weapon she would kill Dustin.

The place was deserted appart from both their cars.

All that had at one point trained under the pastor had passed trought this compound.In face of peril they all had come here,at  one point or another.

It seem only right it should end here.

The door was unlocked.

It open with little noice and inside only silence and darkness.

The place was devoided of fancy machenery to train its employees.An old box ring and a lot of punch bags,but here they where trained to fight each other,not to became pros.

The light coming from the few windows was enough to let her see where he was.

In the centre of the ring stood Dustin.

Six foot three,he was quite agreeable to the eye,if you like psychopaths !

Her legs took her forward and rage became a weapon.


"C.I knew the bomb would get your attention."

He was smilling and you could tell there was signs of madness in the way the light shown in the iris.

"Why kill Richard ?To get at Jena ?"

She was inside the ring now and her feet stood appart ready for anything.

"A mere pawn.It could have been N.Would you have prefered that ?"

He was taunting her to attack first.Amateur !

"Yes,it could.But then you wouldn`t be here talking and dead instead."

"You always thought you were better than me C didn`t you ?We  will see about that ."

He came at her,no weapons.Only him.

And it started.The beginnning of the end of Dustin`s life.

The attack was precise and there was beauty in the way they made every blow count.Blood started to appear in slaptters on the already dirty white floor.

He screamed in agony and C was feeling the strain on her broken arm,but they fought on.Only one would walk out of that ring.

Anger can be the most powerful weapon you may have at your disposal one day.So keep it under control even when you are at the most dangerous moment in your life.

She let him lean in.His body weight worked in her favor.From nowhere came her right hand and when he was about to do some serious damage she connected with the side of his neck and he came down.

Not dead yet but in serious trouble now.

His face was a mess of blood and bruises,hers no better.

But who stood over the body now was not and angel of mercy or a killer.

Here stood only one person.Casey.

She lowered herself beside his head.Her hands on each side of his head and without a second thought she snapped his neck.

The body was dropped back on the dirty floor in the ring.

As she stood a bit unbalanced she brought her phone out.

A number was dialled.


She waited for an answer.

"Dustin is dead."

She heard her silent cries on the other side of the phone and a very quite thank you,and then the phone was dead on her ear.

Two more calls where made before she left.

One was for Nora`s father,to inform of the outcome of the killings and to request a cleanning team at the compound.

The second was private.


He answered at the first ring,which meant he wasn`t too busy at work.

"It`s me."

"C ?"

"Yeah.I just called to say hi."

He was at his desk filling some paperwork.His day had just brighten up.


"Want to meet for lunch ?"

He looked at his wrist watch it was only just gone nine !But you  could hear the joy in his repply.

"Sure.Where ?"

"My place.Bring the food.In lets say twenty ?"

"A bit early for lunch isn`t it ?"

"Who said i was talking about food ?"

N almost dropped the phone.


And he hung up.

The phone was back in her pocket.One look at the corpse and she left the building.

As she exit the cars where coming in to clean the site.

The race for the leadership had just begun...

She was the best.

The End

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