An eye for an eye

There was no time to waste. Cassie slipped her hair in a pony tail. Threw on black pants and a black turtle kneck. But waste time is what she did. Again she watched the rise and fall of his chest. The man she only called N. She knew his name. His smiles...his laughter. She was so tempted to kiss his brow and even worse to wake him up to say goodbye. But all that would do is create a fight. No, she didn't want to fight anymore. She wanted her position to remain clear and for him stop crossing her lines. He was her lover nothing else. But he was so much more...

Cassie forced herself to leave and become C. Her softened expression became hardened. She stuck a gun at the small of her back and a knife in her boot. Her first stop was the hopital. She didn't care if she had another week in the cast, it was coming off now! She could spare to be a little frivilous.  

Lena was taking Sam and Father Torrez to a rented flat next to the police station.Dustin was unstable but he wasn't stupid. He needed to stay under the radar. He wouldn't try anything so close to the police station. She hopped...Maybe she could convince Lena or someone else to watch them.The problem was,was their joint distrust of Dustin enough to create a loyalty. They were all self serving bastards. Cassie included herself in that category.

Cassie had learned her lesson. She flipped the hood of her car and checked for bombs. Then peered underneath her stearing wheel. She was a little disapointed, Dustin was losing his edge. He didn't seem eager at all. Oh well. Cassie started the car and drove off into the night.

Cassie didn't anticipate a long wait. It wasn't cold and flu season. Still she filled out her paperwork slowly. The hard part was deciding what to lie about. Ofcourse she wouldn't tell them her little drinky-drinky problem. But wait , when was the last time she drank? Two weeks ago...hmmm...Odd she didn't even want a drink now. Maybe just some ice water but that's it.

Cassie's phone vibrated in her purse. Cassie pretended to be polite and walked down an abandoned hall way. Cassie deftly opened her purse. It was Lena. She worked quickly. Cassie breathed a sign of relief and picked up the phone.

" Hey...Thanks for everything" Cassie said

" Cassie" Lena bawled " They killed him...They killed Richard"

Cassie didn,t say anything for awhile. Who was Richard? She had never worked with or for a Richard. Who would Lena have such loyalty for.

" My boy-toy remeber. They...They butchered him"

Cassie could picture Lena quivering in a corner but then her imagination went wild...all of a sudden she and Lena swapped places. What would she do if Dustin went after N? Would sorrow over take rage? Sad people are useless, whiny. Cassie new how to use rage. Saddness would cripple her. He was her...her undefined...they would never take that away from her.

" An eye for an eye..." Cassie muttered

The End

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