Midnight encounter

Cassie lay awake. Montionless. The whole night seemed motionless. N lay sleeping. Cassie watched the rise an fall of his chest. It should of been the only sound she could hear...but she heard footsteps. Someone wanted her to know they were there. A face peered through the shadows. Lena looked like hell,even in the blackness. Her nose was all bandaged up and her face was all black and blue.

Lena noiselessly hopped on Cassie's dresser. She sat cross legged. Cassie sat up and waited. And waited. Lena cleared her throat.

" You cut the table legs and the table top is coming crashing down" Lena said.

Cassie scrunched her face " What's that suppose to mean?"

Lena said frustrated " I mean you took out the foundation  of this organization. The senator...his aides. Now the position is open. Now is the time..."

" And you think I should volunteer...."

" You've already volunteered" Lena warned

" Why did you volunteer me? We were never close and I can't believe you think that highly of me especially since you did try to kill me" Cassie pointed out.

Lena leaned in " They don't want a politician...they want one of us incharge. Someone who's been in our heads. The word is Dustin has been waving his hand pretty high. I won't work under that sociopath. No way..."

Cassie shook her head " So Dustin is now pissed and off to defame me asif that's hard to do. Thanks, Thanks a f**** lot"

" Your the only one smart enough, strong enough to shut him down. I destroyed my orders to kill you. All anyone knows now is your kill count. Send out your resume. Get your gun ,were going to war." Lena warned.

The End

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