Known to man

In her life love was an expendable necessity.

How to make him see that feelings care for no one or for that matter where unimportant to her,but he was ?

Where words that necessary ?

Why the need to label something ?

The milk carton was left casually on the breakfast table and she turns her back to the sink.

She rests her body against it and keeps her cool,the panick attack was residing and she could attemp to think clearly now.

N advanced near her.He puts his arms on either side of her body trapping her in.

His forhead to hers.

His eyes closed as he spoke.

"Is it that hard ?To admit you like me ?"

Her eyes closed.An attempt to perserve any kind of vulnerabilty away.

"No,it is not hard at all."

"Then way won`t you ?"

The eyes where open now.For both of them.Emotions where present in the posture of the bodies facing like enimies,lusting like lovers...


And the words would not come out.

A barrier of time and past experiences felt its presence in every syllabe not spoken out loud.Fear of the unknwon can render us in one spot for the rest of our lifes.

She remain in this one.Uncapable of saying three little words.

That maybe she also felt.

"I know you do.Your body does not lie,or your eyes,or your mouth."

He seduced with the way his words where spoken into her skin as his breath travelled trough her,in her mind.

Her eyes close once more.The acceptance of trust tells everything in their story.

Who thus she trust ?

Isn`t she always alone ?Not any more...

She may be the best,but even lonely wolves learn that sometimes it is ok  to relly on another wolve ...

The End

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