Don't you see...

Cassie slamed open her apartment door and sighed. It had been a long day. Scratch that it had been a long month. Tonight she would stay up late and just do whatever else pleased her. Perhaps she would bag her arm and have a nice soak. Her bones needed loosening.

He grunted and she naturally looked towards the sound. Oh yes him...Her lover. Cassie felt a wave of guilt and tried to stuff it down. She didn't owe him anything...except she did.

" Look what the cat dragged in" N drawled.

Cassie rolled her eyes and threw her coat in the closet. N winced at the action but said nothing. After all it still was her condo.

" I'm not in the mood to fight" Cassie sighed

" must be odd for always seem to be looking for a fight" N said.

" Well, your always looking for something to fix" Cassie said looking away disinterestedly

" I don't want to fix you Cassie...don't you see..."

Cassie looked at him. Then rolled her eyes and pushed past him to the kitchen. She went to her cupboard and muttered to the cups.

She muttered " All I see is a whiny man"

" Don't you see that I love you"

Cassie continued staring at her classware but he saw her thoat bob up as if she was swallowing air or bile. She slowly slipped out of her hidding stop and into another one. She slowly open the fridge and stared at its contents.

" Say something" N demanded

Cassie sighed " Just a second I'm having a panic attack"

Cassie calmly pulled out a carton of milk. She immedialey started pouring it. That's when N noticed she was shaking like a leaf. He didn't know what to do. But he was her man and he couldn't just watch her suffer in silence. He put his hand on her shoulder and just rested it there.Her muscles were tense,and tight but she lay against him so loosely.

" This milk is bad" Cassie said matter of factly

" Sorry. I don't drink much milk I didn't notice it was bad"

Cassie said " Well if your going to be hanging around your going to have to notice things like that"


The End

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