The lest expected

She stood in front of his house.She pressed the bell and she waited for the buttler to let her in.

"Good to see you back miss C."He said making her smile in affection.

"Alfred.Is he in the study ?"She acnowledged him with not only with  a smile as well  a kiss on the face that had seen many people throught these front doors.Hers was without a doubt one of the ones he liked to see as well as the master.After all he had raised her in favor for a friend.

"Yes,Casey."That made her stop and turn.And smile again,and then quietly she left the entrance of the house and went in search of him.Her mentor,her guardian,once her friend.Today he was her last visit,a name on her list.Later she would think how much this hurt,now she had a job to do.

She knocked at the door and a voice came from within saying."Who is that ?Alfred ?"

She pushed the door opened and shook her head."No.It is me."

A frail man was laying in the hospital bed,since his last stroke he asked to have his study converted into a room,he wanted to be near his files and books he said.A very simple wish when you had all the money you need it to perform such changes and appart from his speach being afect it and the fact he could no longer walk,his mind was as sharpe as ever.Maybe even more so,since he no longer had any distractions to his way of reasonning.

She had thought about the why and how .But in the end it didn`t matter,he had broken the law and he had tried to have her killed!The very person who had adopted her when she was barely a woman yet...Later she would remenber the bitter taste it came to her mouth when she first realised she was going to kill him no matter what he said.But that was later not now...

"I know.Everything."

His mind was still there.He knew better than to beg.He simply said."Do it quickly."No please or begging.

She removed a syringe from her coat pocket.She brought it  to his I.V and she released the lid from the drop and she inserted the syringe in and as she looked in his eyes she push the liquid in his veins.A tear rolled down her face but she didn`t speak.Her hand was in his and she squeezed tight until he let go.She stayed by his side for a few minutes saying goodbye to her last contact with the past and then she left.


She was done with the list.

She was the best.

The End

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