A co-worker

Her rage was a problem.This one was meant to be the last in her visits,but her rage brought her here.And now she had to make a choice.She had after all trained him at some point so this one was not going to die easily,but that was fine where she was concerned.

She craved blood for the weeks she spend in bed at the hospital.He might as well be the one paying it.With his own blood.

The gim on the lower floor was deserted at this hour.Gone where the day shifthers and the night ones would come in later on...

She had time.He didn`t.

Her attire blend in.As a weapon she had choose a knife,this was after all personal.

His guard was up but the fact she had made herself only noticed when she stood over him on the weights spoke loud and clear who was the best of the two even when injured.For the first time since he choose the other side he thought she might just be able to kill him.It was never a thought until this very night.He tried for casual conversation..."C?What are you doing here ?Shouldn`t you be resting ?"

The first blow was violent and stroke him in the face.A thin line of blood started to show in his cheeck on the right side.

"Paying you a visit,James to say thank you."

His hand wipped the blood that was now running more freely.His brain barely registering he had just been attacked by her without provocation.To assume she knew was the least coherent thought passing through his mind."Thank me for what?Why did you do that for  ?"

His face still one of bewilderment.The second strike cut his troath not enough to kill but to say pay attention here I am talking after all.

Any doubts about her knowing of his action evaded him.He need it to fight back if he wanted to stay alive! "Wait,I can tell you thinks."And took a step back away from her and the knife she was holding,she had teached him well and he knew how precise she was with one,and she hadn`t showed him all she knew he could bet his life on it...And it may come to that.He stood ground and attacked her.

She had expected that in fact she wanted it,craved it really.This was about to became messy...

The punches flew back and forward,never once was the knife brought out.The anger pilled up from the latest weeks felt itself heard in every scream coming from his lips and when bones where broken and her breath remain steady even dropped lower he realised she wanted to kill him.Badly.It was there in every puch he felt in every single blow that cover his intire body.She was out for revenge and he didn`t stood a change.

He felt on the floor.His left eye was almost closed from the severe blows she had applied to it but he could still see from his right one when she bend down next to his face and turned so he could face her one last time.The knife came out then.He started to wimper...

"C,please ?"Last words for scum,that was her thought as she wiped her blade on the side of her jeans and put the knife away after cuting his troath open.

He was still trying go gasp for air when she left the gim,in less than the time it took her out of the building he was dead.

Only one more on her list.

She was the best.

The End

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