He was worried about her.She had been absent in the last twelve hours and the corpses where starting to pile up.He was also concern about her health but if she heard him talking about it he knew she would easily dismissed it as unimportant.C was not one for weakness...

He poured a stiff drink and sat behind his desk in the office after hours.He had just listenned the latest report for  Powers.Her next stop was for sure this office and he refused to run.He would die as a man and not a puppet anymore.Some dignity at last !

His presence in the list she was killing explained itself by the fact he was an advisor to the white house and he had acess to all the shedule for the children of the ones working in the white house.He had been approached by Powers late in the summer with no agenda appart from a request for lunch.And a file on him.

Of all the visits he payed to a house that provided with the services of underage prostitutes.And what a very compelling file it was with pictures and a video.He had listenned to what he wanted and he knew his sins where a very heavy burden from that day on

Senator Powers owned him now.And his first request had been Nora.That night he had felt violently sick in the carpet on this very office,but he had complied and Nora had been abduct.

The hour was late when he heard the door open,he didn`t flinch or hid away.She walked in as if she was expecting him there,in her mind of all of them this one deserved a better outcome but in real life we must pay for our actions at some point.

Today it was that point.At least for him it was.C was there.

She didn`t talk.Just raised her hand and shoot him.The glass fell from his hand and landed on the floor at his feet.The third was killed without questions or any events.

In her possession was his file.His family would never now he had a liking for young women,as young as five...

She was the best.

The End

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