Politics aside, you are a dead man

Senator Powers had been swore in for his forth time.His state was not only proud of such an accomplished  man as much in aware that money and knowing your friends take you places.In this case the White House may be the gold at the end of the rainbow.

In the limo he sat in the dark.He had just received knews about Steven.Unconcerned about his own health he was going to a  function tonight.If she wanted to kill him the location would not matter anyway.C had ways...

The car stopped and he looked out of the window.Where was he ?

A dread fealing took hold of his heart beat and he knew.

"C ?"

The door to his left side was open by a gloved hand.She let herself in and soflty sat in front of him.

"Good night Senator."Her face was serene and this time her cast was showing.She wanted to present him with the real effects of his orders.After all he was the one who had ordered her killed,or better yet out of action.

He tried to talk but fear rendered him speachless.

"I need some answers from you,and then we shall decide how quickly you die.Ok ?" Her hand left the side of her thigh and brought forward a file that so far had been concealled from his view.

"Read."And she threw  it  precisely at  his lap.He open and started to read.His face pale,drops of sweat started to appear on his forhead and upper lip."How did you get this ?"In his hands he had a file with all the names of children who had been abducted in the last three weeks or where in the process of being abducted,one name stroke out.

The Presidents daughter,Serena.Age:5.Next to her was name of a man.Most likely the one who wanted her.She recognized the name and so did the Senator,since it was his own.

"Where are they being taken to ?"

He knew she would kill him,the only question here was how painfull was she going for.The name of a warehouse near the harbour left his lips.She heard it.She had no more use to him.

A look  passed on his face of resignation,it  would be the last on his  face.She collected the file and left the limo.Her car was park a few minutes awat from the scene.

She was the best.

The End

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