One down four to go

She waited for one thing only.His family to leave for school runes.

She had been in front of his house since five that morning,it had just turned seven tirthy,she would walk out of the house in precisely ten minutes behind her  their only daughter.

And then C would go in.They had no idea but this morning just after they said their goodbyes and left(he would die), without kissing his smiling face.

 It would be the only thing they would come to regret in further years.That they had not said how much he meant to them,how much they loved him...

The door opened and a lovely girl no older than six come out almost racing to the car parked in their drive way.Her mother walked at a more steady pace and she look behind  to her husband who was at the door holding a mug of hot coffee on his hand as he waved his two precious girls goodbye before turning to close the door,the car was at the end of the street by now,so neither his wife or his daughter saw the woman who made her way into the house by forcing the door open or the frighten lokk that came into his eyes.

One word left his lips,her name.Wispered in fear of what was about to pass."C......."

He knew that she had survived the attack and that the changes of her finding him or the others where really not that low,she had resources and the drive.But he had hopped for a few more days with his family.He had been so stupid,he had also forgoten to say to them how much he loved them and now he had runned out of time she was her and when she left with the asnwers she was looking for he would be a dead man.

She walked past him into the kitchen area and waited for him to follow.She had a new cast courtesy of her last visit and a set back on the healing of her  broken arm.It still irked her that she had walked out injured but there where some good knews out of that meeting,in fact she was looking at them right now.

He looked beyond frighten,as if he could smell his own death already,good he wasn`t too stupid then!

"Tell me what i want to know and it shall finish quite quickly and i promise you will feel no pain.Lie and we shall just wait for your family to come back."She sat down and waited for the answer she need it,most of them she already knew but the why still intrigued her.They where working for the same purpose and yet they had tried to kill her.The main thing is they only tried,so the message was not for her but who she worked for.And there laid the true question.Who was behind this ?

He was sorry for the ones behind all this,money had started all of this .Power of legislation and the way that the senate would vote,but then weren`t most politicians corrupts to begin with ?He should know as a lawyer to the party he was in on all theirs secrets and today a monday on the second day of May he told her all he knew and his fate was sealed.

She had entered the house twenty minutes ago.By the time she left one person on her list had been terminated.Like she had said it was done without pain and very quicky.

Steven Lark age 32 was dead.Cause of death:a bullet.

Point of entry:forhead.Possible facing the killer at time of death since there where no traces of gunpowder on the wound.

No forced entry on the front or back door,so he knew the killer.

Motive ?Unknown.

All this was written in the repport passed onto her department later on that day,by then the Larks where in mourning and her mother was flying into help with the funeral details.

It was top priority with the city police to try and find the killer but they knew it was a shoot in the dark,no fingertips or a trace of a bullet to compare ballistics,whoever had killed Steven was a professional.

And they don`t make mistakes.

She was in the flat.She had a glass in her hand it contained water in it,on account of the medicine she was taking.Her eyes where centered on the screen in frount of her,it displayed a picture of one man.

Senator Powers.Her next visit.

She was the best...

The End

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