That was fun

C had  on a heavy leather jacket. Not just for the sake of fashion. Her cast buried nicely in the large sleeves. First rule of contract killing show no weakness. Second rule turn your weakness into your greatest asset. Her cast would make an excellent weapon.Lena's boyfriend had just found that out first hand. C dragged him to a lazy boy and set him in it. Turned on the tv. Ofcourse it was on a porn channel. C clicked her tongue and changed it to a sports channel.Then sat on the couch. Leather. Nice.

Lena had trained with her at the "Charm school". C killed the unjust. Lena killed anyone the rich, the poor, women , children,  babies  if the price was right. The money gave her away. Lena had recently cashed a rather large check. C wasn't really surprised .But the only thing that puzzled her was why? She had paid her dues and had remained silent.

The front door creaked open. Lena threw her keys on the hall table. She kicked her shoes in the closet. C stood up. Waited. Silent as the shadows.

Lena cursed " Are you still watching t.v.?"

Lena hung up her coat and her gun.

" I asked you a question is your @SS still on that couch?"

Lena huffed and peered around the corner.

She shouted " Did you do anything today?"

Lena's color drained from her face as she watched C abscently stroke her slumbering boyfriend's face. Ofcourse none of it was really abscent. C watched Lena's fist clench.but remain motionless at her side. She watched Lena eye a very tall floor lamp. C eyed the lamp too.

" Don't even think about it" C warned.

" What do you want Cassie?" Lena said anonyed

" You have alot of nerve" C said

C looked at Lena as she glidded over the arm rest and onto Lena's boyfriend's lap. She gave Lena a toothy grin and settled in.

" Money's money nothing personal" Lena said.

" I always take murder attempts personally" C gritted her teeth.

" I don't attempt murder. If I wanted you dead you'd already be dead.Maybe you should take your complaint higher up" Lena spat out.

C turned around and cupped Lena's boyfriend's face. Hard. He didn't wake up and most likely had a concuction. He would need more than an ice packet when he woke up. Bruising was already starting to form on his temples. Poor boy.

" Hmm...Good looking boy. Awfully young looking though. What is he like sixteen?"

" Twenty"

" Too much of a pretty boy for my liking" C taunted.

" What do you want Cassie, revenage?" Lena sighed.

" No one calls me that anymore. " C stared her down " I want to know why is he after me?"

" If they wanted a sociopath contact killer. They could have hired Paul Bernardo or Scott Peterson...You are a waste of money. They were doing you a favor, giving you a reason to retire. Peacefully .You could have milked that burn thing. Get a desk job. Settle down with your boy toy. Pop out a couple kids"

" I'm not crazy" C gritted out.

" You don't play by the rules anymore"

" And you do?" C asked accusingly.

" I kill who I'm paid to kill and no one else. I don't act as judge and jury" Lena said coldly

C got up and stood nose to nose with Lena. Lena stared her down and then jumped for the floor lamp. C grabbed Lena's ankle and dragged her down. She used her weight to hold Lena down. Lena would not surrender. She shook like a fish out of water. Her shaking caused that floor lamp to come crashing down on both of them. They both moaned. C quickly knocked it off.

Lena used the moment to grab on to C's broken arm and then twist it. C squealed loudly. The sound of her bone crunching was louder.

Lena smiled menacingly " How's that broken arm healing?"

C piled her cast into Lena's nose. Lena screamed in furry more than pain.

" How's that broken nose?" C shot back.

" Look we can play shot for shot on the floor all we want. Or I can give you what you really want" Lena said reasonably.

" What is it you think I want?"

" Revenge. I'm suppose to come and collect the rest of my payment tomorrow. You could collect instead" Lena suggested.

C stood up slowly and then helped Lena up. Lena went to the kitchen and pulled down a  decorative tea towel hanging from the wall. Then held up a tea towel up to her nose. It was bleeding wildly. C went into the freezer and handed her a large ice pack. Lena took it and placed it on her nose and then watched her unconious boyfriend. She looked nervously at the phone and then back at her boyfriend.

" Email me the details. You still have my email address right?"C asked.

" Yeah" Lena moaned

C muttered " Don't call an ambulance. Drive yourself to the the emergeny room. Keep it quiet.   That was fun. We should keep in touch more often"

Then she turned away and started walking to the front door. She exhaled in relief she still was the best.

The End

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