Explainning Who is C

In the dark all the sounds coming from her mothers bedroom sounded terrifying,she  was only young but she knew that tonight she would not sleep home yet again,she  would be safer in the streets...

So,she picked her jacket and put it on.She normally slept in her daily clothes anyway,with her mothers current way of employment.She said to her only daughter that she was an entertainer,but C knew the truth her mother was drunk and a drug adict who would do anything to have her next fix.And lately there where sush talks about letting some of her druken custommers some alone time with C.

She didn`t know what it meant but the looks of lust from old and fat men was too say the least disturbing for her,so she left every night and walked in the direction of the church and the confort she would find there.Pastor Torrez always left the back door open for all the lost souls who had nowhere to sleep in the cold nigths.The pews where much better than any shelter where question would be asked about her parents.She had no father and didn`t really wanted one she wanted only to grow as fast as she could so she hadn`t to depend on anyone anymore,she was seven,it would take her eleven years until she made the cut to be in the organisation she was working for but the night she talked toTorrez was the first of all the rights steps in the right direction.

He knew people who knew people.He sat down not next to her even at her small age you could tell she would put up a fight if you tried any unrequested contact,and his heart bleed for such a child.He talked to her and maybe because she was feeling too alone or because this man with bright eyes seem nice enough she talked and told everything.

She was very good at school her marks where all high enough that her headteacher was thinking about requesting that C was put forward to a more senior place,she knew C would welcome the challenge but C`s mother was dificult to say the least.She told this to pastor Torrez and at the end she waited.

He knew of her mother and he had the feeling that if presented with the necessary insentive(money),she would sign the adoption papers on C,and then she could be placed with more suitable people for her upbringing.He didn`t told her all this he just gave her a blanket he had for all the ones who made their way to his church and left her to sleep.He then went into his office behind the altar and dialled a friend from the past.

"I need a favor."

"Torrez ?"The man on the either side asked.Ten years had passed since he left the bureau and he had made little effort to stay in touch.But anything he need it he would get.He had been one of the best if not the best in the group,he was also the godfather to his firstborn.

"Yes,i have a girl i need you to adopt."And he persue to tell him the full story.The next day C stayed at church with his housekeeper and he made his way to her house where he talked to her mother,presented the papers and offered her money for a signature.He left with the papers signed.

C`s life was never the same.He made sure she became the best in fact he had taken a few years of and had trained her himself.

She was the best...

The End

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