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She had been in the gim for about 5 minutes and she could feel the sweat dripping on the ban she had put on her forhead already.She felt slightly out of shape,and she had only been in that bed hospital for two weeks.

If her desire to kill them had been strong before now she wanted to make them scream.The clock on the wall stated that it was just gone past six in the morning.She couldn`t wait to get back in form.

Due to her cast she had some limitations on what she could do,but certain things like hand to hand combat and her normal fitness training surely wouldn`t harmed her ?!

But her peace would be short lived it.Back in the place N had just woken up.He expected her to be too tired from all the activity from earlier on.He was a fool,her side was in deed cold.And he swore,he knew where he would find her.He put his clothes back on,not bothering with any shirt or shoes and made his way to the basement of the building where the gim was.

And sure enough that is where he found her.She had been here for some time he could see that,but not long enough for her to hurt herself.He was more than happy to provide that for her,in fact he could almost tasted it...

She was busy punching a bag with her good hand that she didn`t pay attention to who had entered,in the past she would have.Today she was to angry to care about small details like that.But small things have a way to make themselfs known,and this time it was no exception.

"If you wanted to fight you should have told me.I would be more than happy to comply."

She heard the words,but it was the tone that told her he was angry.At her.Maybe for her ?It was not really something she normally take into consideration but then lately things had changed in her normal life.Wasn`t she almost living with this guy ?

Didn`t he deserve an explanation on what she was doing ?But she didn`t said anything like that.Instead she spread her legs and wainted for the attack.She was more than ready to fight again.

He almost felt proud of her cocky attitude if he hadn`t seen the lure of pain in her eyes for a slip of a second,and then he remenbered why he was here and why he was mad at her.She made it so easy to be mad at her!!

He attacked with speed and strengh and she counter blocked every move.She was fast and quite deadly even with a cast on.And that worried even more,for if she could take him on it meant she would be out there.Looking for them...

He didn`t paid enough attention and when he recovered his breath he was on the floor with her on top of him.

"I can take care of myself.Have been doing so before you came in the picture.As much as i appreciate what you are trying to say with this."And she moved her small hand around where they had been fighting."I will do what i want to do and you shouldn`t ask me not to.You can but know i won`t listen."She stayed with her legs on each side of his body leanning in a bit to make sure he read the intent to go and punish whoever had tried and killed her ,in her eyes.

He remained laying on the floor,it wasn`t so bad even if he had just been beaten up by a woman who had just come out of the hospital!But her words did sink in and he knew no matter what he said he  wouldn`t really change her view on what she wanted to do.But at least he had had the chance to let her know he cared about her wellbeing,and then he got distracted by the fact she was seating across his lap and the fact he had looked the door on the way in.He didn`t want anyone walking in on their fight.And his mood changed...

She saw the change from being anoyed to seduction,and she relaxed.She let him seat up and bring her closer into his frame.

The rest was just a case of two adults and a closed space,she could get the tape of them later on...

She was ready to go back out again.

She was the best...

The End

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