It had taken more than a few tumbles and a lot of one thing she really was short of,patience.But she was finally home and in the path of recovery.N had been beside her all this time,before he begun a shift and when he finished before heading home for a quick shower and the start of a new day.

She was back in her own domain.And the first thing she actually did was to turn her phone on.She may still be unactive but that didn`t meant she could not regain some normality where her job was concern.

One phone call and in 15 minutes all she had requested had been send to her computer.The rest of the day was spend in front of her desk,only coming up for coffee and some necessary toilet stops.She almost felt human again.

And that was where N found her in the early hours when he let himself in with the keys she had given him.He was not pleased,she must be stiff by now and her burns where surely hurting her,he also knew she refuse to accept the perscription for any pain killers.She claim she didn`t need any help.Not from pills anyway,she had felt for her gun as if he was strange not to have acess to it at a short comand.He knew she was going to be dificult,and he had been right.

He walked strait to her desk and waited for her full attention.

"Yes ?"

He just maintain the need to scream at her under control.Took him about maybe ten lifetimes or maybe just about less than five seconds."Shouldn`t you be resting like the doctor told you ?"

The part of the face that presented a scar from her hairline to her ear was visable but not so much as to made any diference in her striking face.If so it made her more appealing and her cast on her left arm would come off in less than two weeks,she was expected to start fisio as soon it was off,she had reserved some private time in the gim for the next morning at 7 am.He didn`t need to know that...

"No."And continued to read the brief.She was ignoring him and his resolution to maintain cool was clearly evading him.

So he did what seemed like a good idea,he picked her up and stroolled in the direction of the bedroom.

"Nice; caverman style works well for you.Thus it ?"

He just laught very softly and put her down gently on the bed."Time to rest.Tomorrow it will still be there.Please ?"

It could have been because she was feeling very stiif from all the seating or from the fact the burn aldough in the scarring fase where still hurting a lot or even because her eyes where quite heavy sleep or just because when she looked in his eyes she saw concern there under his shadowed eyes,he must have slept has little has him in this last two weeks.So,she just give in but not all the way in.

"I am not that much in pain."And her arms surronded his neck bringing his face close enough for her to kiis his lips.

"Feeling better i see."With a manly smile.


She knew who had ordered her accident.She gave herself five days.Cast or no cast,they where all dead.The one she had trained personaly would be the last of them.

She was the best.

The End

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