Finally space. She could of made a drinking game out this hospital stay. Take shot everytime some one asked her if she was okay. The answer was always the same " No, I have some a$$ to kick" .But here alone, she felt very sad.

C looked into the small mirror. She flipped it looking into the magnified side. The cruel side. They said it was superficial damage. She knew the majority of the scraps would heal but would be left behind? One thing she was never insecure of was her body. Would that change?

Would she still be able to survive on four hours sleep and full bottle vodka? The doctor said she would be able to walk away from this. But told her to be patient and to take it easy. But she was still short on optimissm. What if she was crippled? She would have to spend the rest of her life  depending on crutches and other people.

Maybe it was sad there was nothing else she wanted to do. Her work gave her such satisfaction. Control. What else could she do? She would not spend the rest of her life at a desk job. Pushing paper. No those bastards had taken enough from her. They would not take the rest of her life from her.

C slowly sat up. It hurt and probably wasn't agood idea. Turning around felt worse. She wheeled the I.V. pole closer. She grabbed onto the cold metal. She clasped it tight. Until her fist turned white. Then swung her legs quickly over the side of the bed. She winced in pain. She breathed through the ache. It would be muted against her trimuph. She was sure. C slowly let her bare feet feel the cold tile. Slowly she let her feet feel  some weight. They didn't hurt,much. Then she stood up, putting her whole body weight on her feet. She looked down at them. They looked the same. Unscarred. Fit and strong.

Did she dare to walk? The doctor told her to hold off on it. But when did she ever listen to anyones advice? She took a baby step. It was shaky and ungraceful. But she didn't care. She wasn't after grace anyway.

She took a couple more steps until she could no longer lean on the bed. The I.V. pole was shaking like crazy. She could come toppling down at anytime. But the adernaline made it  impossible to feel anything except the coolness of the tile beneath her feet. So she took another step.

The door seemed miles away. Could she walk that far? The I'V. pole didn't think so. She slowly flatened her palm and placed it on the pastel walls. The I.V. pole was placated. C didn't look back. She looked down at her feet. She counted the steps. One,two, three.... Until the floor changed patterns. She was out in the hall.

C looked up and smiled cruelly. It was only a matter of time...She was still the best.


The End

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