C is down

In the hospital they  where at her bedsite. Only three stood there: N,Sam and Nora`s father.

Had she been awake she would felt crowded.But she wasn`t and hadn`t been for the last 8 hours since she had came back from surgery.

In the bed resting against white sheets her body was pale beneath  all the bruises and a few spots of flesh could be seen under  either cast or bandages.All in all she had been very lucky.

N recalled how he was the first who had came to her rescue when he had heard the explosion going off.He had just said goodbye to her and had walked across the street to his own car.

He had  put the key in the door when the blast had gone off.

Whoever had set the bomb didn`t meant to kill her for she had been inside when it exploded,and the magnitude of bomb caused a lot of debris in the surronding cars and shops,but the acount of bodily damage had been only one.C...

 With his heart raising,he run to where her car stood now in the middle of all the smoke and fire; he was sure she had been killed but still his feet took him near what was now an amount of burn metal and by luck or miracle he saw her parcial burned body still seating in her seat.

As gentle as he could he checked for a pulse and almost cried when he found one.He then quickly called the ambulance and notified the police.

In less than 5 minutes the street had been sealed off,and C was on route to the hospital.And the long wait began.

He had been asked a few questions to whish he had no answers and it dawn on him how little did he really knew her.

He knew her body ,but he could not fill in her full name !And in the middle of his puzzlement her boss arrived,not that he knew then it was her boss...

Nora`s father had heard throught the grapevine about an attempt on one of his officers this morning and the fact that the attempt had turned out very sucefull in deed.Little did he knew they had been bosting about C,or his concerned would have been grater !

He was in deed furious,but he didn`t showed any emotions as he aproached the front desk showed his badge and make sure no paper traces of C where left behind when she recovered and left.In his mind there wasn`t any doubt she was coming out of this ordeal and be back on the job in no time.

He made his way to the floor where the surgery was being taken place and he saw her current lover passing the hall.

He introduced himself and inquired of any changes in her condition.He said there where none.

Nora`s father had at least a dozen agents looking for the people responsable for this,so far they had no clue of who or why,but he was confident that they would have some answers by the end of the day.And then he thought of Sam,he should be just in case...

He send a private jet to get him and in less than two hours they had another number to their little group.Sam was introduced to N,who was very surprised by the fact she had any family let at least a younger brother;to which Sam correct him saying he wasn`t a brother by blood but by adoption.

Which really didn`t cleared anything really,since C never volunteered any clues about who she was or anything about her friends or relatives.

N knew that  when she recovered they would have to changed that.

They all stood by her bedsite and looked at this woman.

All had different thoughts going throught their mind,but all agreed in one thing if she was here today is because whoever did this knew she was the best...

God had mercy on the ones responsables when she recovered because she would not.

In the bed she moaned,her hands moved on the bed and her eyelids make an unsure movement trying to open up.

"C ?" Three different voices called out and her eyes slowly open up.She was back...

The End

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