In her space she viewed him,her lover of one night and yet he was still here eating cereal acessing her.

The raise glass was put aside.She cross the kitchen and still mantain the look in his face.He had not stopped eating trough the process of walking,in fact he seem uninterested in what she was doing but then if you paid close attention you would see his eyes where very aware of where she was in the room...

"Do you have a name ?"

"Now you ask ?"The face was striking.The eyes where clear and intelligent.She already liked him sexually somehow she knew this was going to be trouble,too close to confort.He saw too much...

The glass was left in the counter across both of them.He stood up and went there.For  the same glass he poured a stiff drink.

"To new friends.Name is N."And he had the gall to wink.

She laughted for the first time since leaving the house where two bodies remained for the police to process.She still could see the image imprinted in her brain of a broken little girl body left for her mother to find...Or how her father had killed her so brutally.Now with humour and a consonant he had accomplish a miracle really he made her human.

She walked once more in his direction.

"So,detective where do you see us going ?"

"Your bedroom for starts.The rest why don`t we played by ear ?"And he picked her up and made sure that all bad thoughs remain outside the bedroom for a couple of hours.

It was official,she no longer was alone.At least for now.

The phone will ring.Missions will be assign.Tomorrow or even today she will kill again.

And she was right.

She is the best.

The End

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