Sometimes she left like she was death. Today she just felt like death. Death and decay. She knew if she opened up her chest she would see holes where maggots had been...She filled the holes with vodka. If only they would stay filled, she would never have to feel.

She leaned her back againt the kitchen counter and sipped silently. She watched the seconds tick by. Most people were worried about time slipping away. Wasting their lives. Death couldn't wait for the end of days.

" Isn't it early to start drinking?" A voice said

C turned around quickly. He was still there. The man from last night. He stood nude in her kitchen. Like he belonged there. She wanted to be anger. Anonyed at the very least. But she was glad he was here. Relieved. It wasn't right.

" It's happy hour somewhere" She muttered indifferently

" Are you hungry? I haven't had breakfast yet"

" There's cereal in the pantry" She motioned with her head

" I would have thought someone like you, wouldn't like anyone going through their things"

" And what do you mean by that?" She said acidly

There finally the anger arrived. He didn't know her. He didn't know a thing about her. He had no right to act like he did know her.

" I just meant that you seem to be a very private person"

" There's cereal in the pantry" C motioned again

He judged her body language. She was almost ignoring him. She hadn't once looked at him. She was still watching that clock. He slowly opened the pantry while still looking at her. She paid no attention to him. So he turned his attention to the pantry.

" The bowls are on the left" C said finally looking at him.

He set the everything he need on the counter accross from her. He ate and stared at her. It made her feel akward. Men usually just made her feel like just another guy. Men were threatened by strong women. They didn't go for girls like her. But she didn't care much.

" Do you always drink at ten thirty in the morning?" He asked.

" It's happy hour somewhere" C said finally

He apparently didn't get the hint. He said " It's hard to forget..."

" I don't drink to forget. Perhaps I drink to celebrate" She said acidly.

" I don't believe that"

" I am the best" C said as she raised her glass.

The End

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