The fact that one person slept in her bed while she made helsef got up and have a shower didn`t change in anyway the outcome of what her day would turned out to be.

As soon as she was out and dressed her phone started to ring she took it out into the hall.She didn`t want to wake him ou after all they had just gone to sleep or better yet he had .She had just need a shower and a new set of clothes.

"Yes ?"She listened and as soon as the message was given she stated a time of arrival and left.

No note for him left behind none had even been thought on her mind.It was if he hadn`t even been part of her life or body in the last 7 hours.

One could say she was cold and had no heart.They would be right,she didn`t,not for men anyway,dough this one...

She arrived at the scene in what was a case not unknown to her.A father had been denied visiting wrights after a bad divorce trial had ended.And know instead of letting his lawyers to fight for his wrights he had taken matters into his own hand and abducted his own child from the school she had been taken by her mother and was holding her hostage at his house with a weapon  in his hand a lot of anger in his voice.

When all the comunication had failled they had called her.They wanted him out and the child brought out of this ordeal alive and well.The child was the daughter of the defence lawyer in a major case in the news outside the house of this man where all the t.v stations wanting for the latested outcome.

She went in without anyone noticing.As a normal person going to deliver a package she entered the back of the house where the door had been left unlock.

She then walked to the frount of the house and listen to the sounds made.Silence.A deadly one,She didn`t like this.

In fact she grew concerned for the child as she climed the stairs.At the top she knew the layout of the house so her steps where sure as she open the door.

The scene before made her sick for the first time in years.

He had killed her with what appear to be a kitchen knife,so it must have been quite messy indeed.After he finish with her he must have decided that living was no longer an option so he had cut his wrists open.

His breaths where very shallow but he was still alive when she made herself knell down on the blood that was soaking the carpet,his blood.

"Why ?She was only 5.Why kill her ?"

His breath was still there to answer her."Because it will hurt her."And then he let his last breath expire...

C looked one more time to the bed.Thought about the one she had just left,and cursed being otherwised occupied that she hadn`t been here earlier.A child mite have been spared otherwised.

The phone was already in her hand.She dialled a number,the call got pick up.

A nervous voice asked."Is she alright ?"

"No.She is dead.He killed her and himself.I am very sorry."

On the other side of the phone a cry of pain is heard and then the call was ended.

She left the scene and allow the paramedics to go in do their job as well as the police officers.She was done here.

She left alone....

Today she didn`t felt as the best...

The End

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