Surprise has a way to make you alive in strange ways...

Alone in the dark with herself and the music playing in the back ground she stood before the window.She just stood there.Her eyes where hidden  by the lock of dark hair that shadowed her face but by the music playing one would think she was agraveted about something or the other.

They could not be more wrong.

She was thinking about the man she had seen on the scene hearlier own.And how she had been drawn in.The sexual awareness was uncommon and even undesired and yet she could not stop looking.Even wanting.A detective,she recognize the autorithy in the way he had presented himself and the way he looked at her after she had exited the building living in her wake a count of 10 dead bodies.None would be missed.All of them where involved in the surge of  drugs that had been released onto the streets in the last few weeks.

When she had been call in they had ask her if possible to contain at least one alive,she disregarded the order as soon as she stepped in an saw then.

All high on their products amongst young woman under age who where either in the process of performing sexual favours or consuming the drugs in display.None deserved in her books to remain alive in order to answer some questions.

But as soon as she came out he was in her line of vision and usually she would just leave before any briefing today she just stayed put and waited it.

In less than 2 minutes he aproached her.

And a strange conversation took place between them.As soon as she finished talking she left.His gaze was still in her car direction when the standing guard came to him and sayed the scene had been the give away by the coronner if he wanted to go in and see the bodies.

He reply thank you under breath without looking at him is eyes still in the way she had left aldough several minutes had passed.He moved then.

And now she was here in front of a window looking out not really seeing anything.Waiting for what ?

The bell rang once at her door.

She was no longer alone...

She was still the best.

The End

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