Revenge or not ?

Less than a day had past since she had dropped Sam back home with father Torrez.Today she stood over a diferent set of scenery all together.From the inside of her car she watched as her first acquitance of the day was going about their business.That would shalll very soon.

She left the car and walked to the front of the house passing through a discard tricycle on the grass and a futebol ball resting near the nearest tree.It was a nice scene if you disregard the fact that behind these doors lived the man responsable for the kidnapping of Sam.The fact he had small children himself make all the most worst she tought.

He should have known better.The changes of her not retalliading where less than ...Well.None.

She knocked at the door and waited it.She knew this man after all.

The door was open and as soon as he saw her standing there he was happy he had send his wife and children to stay for a couple of days with his parents upstate.He knew as soon as the knews of the failed mission had arrived she would find out who had been behind the abducting an as soon she had a name she would pay him a visit.He had been right.

"C.Do you want to came in ?"He asked politely.

"No.Come.We are going for a ride."

he knew how futile it was to say no to her so he didn`t even try to argue.He closed the door and went with her in the direction of the car parked in the street oposite to his.He was told to get in and buckle in.Which he did and then they where of.

She didn`t talk to him at all during the ride and his nerves already fraile beagan to take its tool.

"Where are you taking me?"He asked for better lack of what to say.

No answer from her and he understood she was not going to talk .Period.

Through his mind he was reminding all the moments he had passed with his family through the years.Since the birth of his first born to the arrival of his little girl.He would missed them so much.And try to disguise the fact that tears where falling on his face.

She was not looking.They had arrive.In frount of his eyes stood his parents house and a deep fear stopped him from getting out of the car.She had no such trouble and was already walking to the back of the house where sounds where heard.

Of childrean playing and burgers being fried in the grill.It was the weekend after all...

"No.C.Please,whatever you are about to do don`t kill me in frount of them.Please."

She only now looked at his face.It was a very normal expression that played there.As if she had been requested to bring one of her superiors to his home .What in fact was the truth.He was one of her superiors,that was how the culprints had find out about Sam in the first place.But,she said nothing and just looked at him for a couple more minutes deciding and then a ball made its way towards them and then a child came out running.

As soon as he stepped out of the back gate she made her decision.She was looking at him the way he rush to his son to protect him from whatever she may do and how he was telling him to go back in the back yard he would be there shortly daddy just had a few things to sort out with this lady.

But the kid was no fool.His dad was acting strange and the lady was somehow familiar to him.He had seen her talk to his father before.She was looking at him now and now she spoke to him.

"Go.All shall be fine.I promise no harm shall come to your dad.Is that fair enough ?"And a smile showed in her face.

He went then.The lady was nice he thought...

"Thank you.For not killing me in frount of my boy.Thank you..."He was still in shock of seeing where she had brought him ,but to have been killed in frount of his son...He knew how this was going to play out,so he just stood there looking forward and listenning to the sounds of his family and mentally saying "I am sorry."He continued waiting until the curiosity was too much and he looked at her.

"Go.Joined them.I shall do nothing to you or any of yours.That is if you remain loyal and keep yourself to yourself.If ever anything shall happen to Sam.And i discover that you have been involve    in any way.I shall come not for you but for them.I will make sure you watch as i kill them."She watched the knews sink in.For him to fully understand the message.Waited for the nod that was about to come and when it did she left.

Once again she alone.

She was the best.

The End

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