In another country away from here.A little boys life was about to change for the worst.His only fault was to be connected to her.

Today was a day to decide.Unfortunely he had no say in the matter.Her on the other hand...

She turned the tap out and let the water run down the drain.It had been another night on the job.Another person to kill.

She had dropped her clothes on the floor as she made her way to the bathroom.She needed some time alone with no phones or memories of sounds in her head.She requested some time alone,solitude.Even if only while she cleaned herself...

She heard her phone go off.The towel was put aside while she made her way back into the hall.

She picket the call on the third ring.

"Yes.What ?When?Any names?Ok.I will get back to you as soon as i know something."

If her face was normally devoid of any signs of emotions.Her facial expression would terrify those who had abucted the child.

Her phone rang once more.She just listen to the other person the the other side of the phone and at the end she poke calmly.

"You and me alone.When i get there let the boy go.5 minutes."And she hang up the phone.

To dial a number out.

"Sir .They have for exchange.I am going now.Track this phone down."She finish the call and collect her clothes as she put them back on.Sweat from another case was the least of her worries.She had less than 4 minutes to get there...

In less than two she had crossed the street and entered the bar.

She looked around the scene as she made her way in.A group of five man with guns and in the middle of the bar,he stood holding close to his body this young boy.


"Sush.Everything will be fine."

"Let him go or let him stay and i will kill all of you.He goes we talk.Good enough ?"Her eyes never left his face at the same time she was seeing all the escapes routes in view.This was going to turn bloody in no time at all.

"Let him go ?I don`t think so.I have you where i want you.And now i shall tell you what i want from you instead.Ok ?"Feeling very confident he had her where he wanted.Powerless he walked forward without thinking it through.Deadly mistake he only realised when he saw the look in her eyes.But the order to shoot her down came too late.

All around the little boy bullets flew.He was unharmed at the end of it all.It took less than  the amount of time it had taken her to come  from her flat to the pub to kill them all.

She brought her phone out and dialled a number.

" I request a cleanning crew .Thank you,SirDo you have the plane available?"The call was done.The phone was put away,she aproached  the now silent boy...

"Sam ?Honey open your eyes.Ok,do you want to tell me what happen or shall we forget all about this and take you back to Father Torres ?"Her face was very open now,no trace of the raging desire to kill those who had treathen one of hers... 

"Can we just go,C ?I am tired."

"Of course little guy."She put her hand in his and they left together...

She was the best.

And as soon as she left her little brother back home,she would be once again alone...

The End

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