A hand in need

This was personal.Not for her but for the parents of the little girl kidnapped.She had been missing for three hours now.She had the file in her hands,but the words where already imprinted on her mind,She knew who and where they had take her.

For this she would require a team of the best in order to get all of them out.

A net of young children.Boys and girls all bellow the age of five being sold to the higher bidder.For sex purposes of a sick and depraved mind.

She almost felt tonight was going to be too close to home to keep her true feelings known,and yet it was too personal.The kid abducted was her superiors daughter,Nora.

She knew Nora.The team was in place,they would be at the bunker where they were kept until brought to whoever bought them for the night appeared.She knew also that major names had been already contact in behalf of Nora.They where in route now.She had to move very soon,but first she had one more thing to do.

She went into her private room.Her steps stopped in frount of one closet.No clothes inside.Instead there where a bunch of the most light knives you could imagine,if you where so inclined.

She took one out.Used for hand to hand combate.This was after all personal...

They had arrived at the bunker and she had briefed them on what she wanted them to do.

A first team would secure the guards on the compound,while the second and third team would spread out and retrieve the children.They had the lay out and infra-red pictures taken by the satelite in the last five minutes,they knew where they where being kept captive.

Now it was matter of minutes.

She went in as soon as the guards had been killed.Her steps determined.Her purpose only one.Get Nora back...

At the door she stopped to listen.

From behind the door she could listen to Nora silent cry.She was being told/asked in a kind voice to remove her clothes.

She turn the knob on the door and closed it behind her.No one was going to disturbe this.

"Nora.Put your clothes back on and leave the room.I need to talk privatly to this man.Ok,dear?"And she kindly guide her out and locked the door behind her.

Two people in the room now,her and the senator.

"Well.I could let you go and forget all of this never took place or i could do this instead..."

She remove her knive out and aproach him without speaking.

"What are you doing?You know who i am.You can`t kill me.Nooooooooooo..."

The screams where not heard for long.She worked fast and frankly he was just scum,not worthy of her time.

Outside the door a very quiet little girl was waiting for her.She had rose cheeks and smelled of baby powder,she shouldn`t have been here in the first place,and know she whished she had taken the time to make him pay.

"Come.I will take you to your parents."And she picked her up .The little girl let her face rest against her chest and her blond curls hide her beautiful expression from all that saw them walk out of the bunker.

The car was park not far from the entrance gate.As soon as she was seen the door was bust open.

A couple came out.The father was the first to arrive near them and he gently remove the child from her arms.

He was crying openly.For himself,because his job had made them a target,for his child...

His wife was now busy kissing Nora,who had put her small arms around her neck and was now crying softly secure in her mothers embrace.She took them inside the car.He stayed out.

"Thank you.For bringing her back.Do you know if she was...?"

"He was called 30 minutes before we arrived Sir.He was getting her to undress when i came in.I don`t think whoever took her touched her in any way.They knew the consequences if the she was defilled before he got his way with her.She was save untill we got here,but take her to your doctor.She will need help."

His face express gratitude for his child being spared of rape as well as everything that had happen tonight.He knew what happen behind this doors was just the tip of an iceberg.

After all that was his job.To put and end to child trafic.And now they had taken his child as a sign.As warning.

He felt the need to kill,instead he had called in a favour.They had send her .He was grateful.He had his daughter back.But he need it to know...

"The man...The one who bought her.Is he...?"

"Dead.If that is all,Sir?"

"Yes.Thank you."

He watched her go.Alone.

She was the best....

The End

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