Kindred Spirit

Amelia was feeling a sense of deja-vu as her leather coat thumped against the hard wood. She unzipped her boots and threw them in a pile with the rest. She signed. Now where was that drink?

Amelia cracked open the bottle against the counter. The cap hissed it's release. Amelia gulped down the beer. Drank down the head like a good girl should. No matter how many times she drank it never seemed to quench the fire. She was still so angry. Amelia knew she drank too much. But she needed the numbness it provided. She needed to feel nothing. Not even her own existence.

Something wasn't right. Her spider senses were tingling. It was way to quiet in here. Amelia touched the small of her back and barely sighed. Her gun was still there. She reached for it. There was no whisper of cloth. Just the same quiet graceful movements.

Amelia followed the silence it was in the livingroom. She peered around the corner. The couch was moved too close to the wall. Amelia wasted no time. She ran up and moved the couch closer. Until she heard a squeak. Then she pushed the couch. Hard. She was out for vegance. No made her feel vulnerable. No one. She mad at herself for allowing herself to feel that way and mad at who ever had broken in.

" Show yourself coward"

A teenage girl peered up. She couldn't be older than sixteen. She glared up through a mess of dirty blond hair. She huffed and smoothed her hair. She tried to regain her composure but it was to late.

" How did you get past my security system?"

" Just good timing" The girl shrugged

" You broke in when I was here and had it off. You knew I would not put it on when I was home. How long have you been watching me?" Amelia said curiously

" A while" The girl shrugged again.

Amelia recongized the indifference all too well. It was like staring into a mirror almost....there was still the matter of why. Why was she here? Amelia didn't believe it was for her possesions.

" I don't recognize you"

" You should you killed my soul mate. Does the name Jesus Ramirez ring any bells?"  She spat out.

Hatred flared in her eyes.Amelia recognized the fire. She knew the burn all to well. Yes it was like looking in a mirror.

" Ramirez kid napped you and rapped you. He beat you and drugged you. The police said it was one of the worse cases of brutality they had ever seen" Amelia responded.

" No" The girl said defiantly

Amelia put down her gun. The girl bent down and picked up hers. But she didn't raise it. She held it losely at her side and approuched Amelia.

" So you loved him and I killed him?" Amelia clarified.

" Yes"

Amelia remembered the event vividly. The police were closing in on Ramirez and he was becoming erratic. So her rich parents hired her. They wanted their little girl back.  But Amelia knew she probably would never be back...

Ramirez seemed convinced if they only made it to Mexico they would be safe. The police traced his mother's credit card to a motel minutes from the border. When Amelia burst in the girl was high as kite and just as inatimate. Her skin was tranluscent and her eyes glassy. She already looked dead. She wasn't moving and he was trying to dress her. Her doll eyes focused on Amelia. Ramirez stopped pulling the pants up her legs.  Ramirez wasted no time and used the girl as a shield. He crouched down so she couldn't even shoot him in the head. Amelia shot the girl in the stomach it was a warning. Ramirez got the hint and looked up, he started running backwards. But there was no where to go he was up againt the wall. literally and figurativelyé  All it took was a bullet to the head. His body slummed against the wall. Hers against the floor. Amelia heard the sirens and by the time she left the motel room. She was being pushed aside by the boys in blue.

It was almost just another case to Amelia except that she felt she had saved the girl. Apparently the girl felt otherwise. No matter what had transpired in that hotel room any many others along the way to Mexico, she still loved him. Amelia was disgusted.

" So you've come to kill me" Amelia said

The girl shook her head and raised the gun to her own head. Amelia felt her self reaching out. There was a scream trapped in her throat and stinging her brain.The livingroom filled with the smell of gun power. And there was that feeling of deja-vu again. The girl' s body slumped against the floor. Amelia waited and watched in vain. Her chest did not rise. Amelia already new it was fruitless but she still ran to her side. There was no pulse. No heartbeat. No hope.

The End

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