Another kill

Twelve hostages.

Police officers all around the block securing the perimeter and trying to establish if it was possible to comunicate with the one holding them hostage.So,far no contact had been done...

She arrived at the scene,on her way in she had been briefed on the situation at hand.Save as many as you could,take down the culprint by all means necessary.Death being the first choice available.

She knew what she had to do,now she request the plans for the building,soon she would move in.

The rest was only a matter of expertise.In her case not even that...

The one in comand aproach her.He asked no questions and pass her the papers requested.She took a while to read them and then she passed them back.

She took her gun out.Double checked it,put it away for now.She was ready to go in.

"10 minutes going in.Securing the place.5 minutes to acess and control.5 minutes for the hostages to come out.No comunication with the inside while i am in or any shooters.Are we clear ?"

She didn`t wait for the reply and just walked into the building by the lower floor.Her gun was out automaticaly in her right hand.Her brain already on damage control mode,if she had to sacrifice one or more hostages for the grater good of the whole,she would without doubt or question.

In no time she was in the main floor of the building where all of the victims where gatered together as a group.Easier to control and terrify that way.

She looked for the best angle to take in down.Only one person.The odds where good.Until he turned around and she saw the explosives attached to his body.She cursed under her breath and left her position.

Her steps firm.  Very quickly she was in frount of him.

The element of surprise.It never failed her...

A bewildered looked pass through his face before she raise her gun and shoot him in the middle of his forhead.

One bullet. One kill.No hostages had been hurt.

All in all a sucess.

The screams around her where more out of shock by the new arrival in their personal drama than by the killing that had just took place.

She left them there and got out by the frount door of the building.

She was soon followed by the same that less than two minutes ago where praying to a God they didn`t believe for redemption.They would not find.Not here at least.

She past before him on the way out.

"Perpetrador secured.Situation defused.Have a nice day."

And she left as she had arrived.Alone...

She was the best...

The End

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