Anger management

So here it is.A shorth story of anger and short lifes.
Of death and other short achivements...
Of pretty much wanting to just erase human life...
Don`t mind me this is not real life...
Not just yet at least...
She says while throwing her head back with a look of complete anger in her eyes and a gun in her right hand...

Our story starts in a distant time from this first chapter in the life of a born killer.

We go back to when she was not one.

When she just was a name.Before she become C.

When she appreciate life and all in it.

But that is not how the story starts.

Today in the middle of town she killed again.A kid this time.


She really desliked kids.


Final point before letting her coat fall to the floor at the entrance of her hall.

The day had finally come to an end and now the only thing on her mind was a bath and a cool drink.Preferable not in that order.

In her current line of business the killing of inocents where not only a blur as of a necessity.

She was after all the best in her job.

But the killing of someones child still left a foul taste in her mouth.Today that taste was being drown with a shot of vodka and some mind blowing music.

Her mobile was in her pocket still on,but she knew the unlikness of any calls in the foreseeable future.

Which for her if she was very lucky should mean the next 5 minutes....

Her hand top the glass one more time.

Her memories going back to what had just transpire.

He had been so young.So,troubled.

Her posture is closed to the surronding atmosphere,her flat her only refuge seems like a prison now,and even the drink want drown the mother cry of anguish that she had expelled while begging her son not to kill anymore...

And that when she was called in.When hope had left and only cleanning up was required,even demand.

His mother had aproached her after all the nightmare had ended it,she had thanked her for killing her only son.She had sayed the drugs he took had robbed her of the child she once had nurished under her heart and that today she had been given back that son...

Her phone rang.The glass is put aside.

"Yes?I will be there in 5."

Another case.Another kill.

She was the best...

The End

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