Angels and Demons


Here I go again,

Led into temptation,

Leaving me with this dilemma,

To live with moral exemption,

Or live for my redemption

Here he comes again,

Stringing his violin,

That demonic little imp with his crooked fork and spiteful grin,

Reminding me it's good to sin,

Now he's back again,

The angel plucking his golden harp's strings,

And spreading his majestic wings,

Preaching of what goodness brings,

While singing songs of long forgotten kings,

There they go again,

Fighting once more,

Vying for my soul,

Such a tiring fight,

Such a persistent bore,

The angel and the devil sitting on my shoulder,

One telling me to be the scolder,

The other telling me to smoulder,

Both whispering in my ear,

But only one I will hear,

To which shall I adhere?,

While the other must disappear,

To whom shall I abide?,

Torn by the battle raging inside,

A life of humility or pride?,

Become a guide or take an easy ride,

But is the world really so clear cut,

That I must be either benevolent or malevolent,

And what's between is irrelevant,

Leaving only black and white,

To wrack or Wright,

Stepping back from hurling flak,

Or send an invite to incite,

The devil's song stopped my endless rhetoric,

As the doomed fiddler's tune held me spellbound,

Tinged with overwhelming sadness I felt his sweet melancholy,

As music to my ears, I thought it profound,

The doomed fiddler's tune had raptured me,

While the angel's bittersweet sorrow was drowned, he could not have recaptured me,

With so many questions and the one original choice,

Aligning with right or wrong,

I now know who's opinion I choose to voice,

And to which throng I choose to belong,

I'll live bound by vice,

With a self-serving attitude,

And refrain from being nice,

With a lack of gratitude,

So angel please go and pray,

This demon is here to stay,

Come again another day,

Maybe then I will want for another way,

For now I’m hearing what the devil has to say,

I don’t need to go to heaven,

I’ll be six over seven,

Just open the gates to hell,

This devil can have me under his spell.

The End

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