An Unusal Kiss

Love song


I walk watching my foots steps

And listen absently

Suddenly you stop

I stop almost tripping over you

All you do is stare at the moon

It’s just the moon

Crazy things happen during a full moon you know

You said

I muttered my reply


Then you kissed me

How was I to know you were talking about us?




It was such an unusual kiss

Light like butterfly wings

Were you asking for permission?

If I only I kissed you back

If you only knew

I was breathless, wordless, stupefied

I was blind

Well the blindfolds off

Come and get what’s yours


I thought we were friends

No one told me we were lovers

I didn’t know I had a secret smile just for you

But when you kissed me It felt so right

Right person, right place right everything

Leaves me feeling beautiful




Claim these lips

Tell every boy there yours and to keep away

Tell me it’s not too late

Your prides not to bruised

Cause I’m ready to fly



The End

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