chapter zero. as in zero from vampire night.

A collection of notes typed by a hopeless romantic and a dedicated teenage otaku.

when i get ideas, it's usually anime.

this entry is fabulously titled after Zero, from the anime, Vampire Knight.

as you can see if you read the first page title. thank you.

so i guess i can start this out as a list of random ideas.

  • childhood bully and girl victim fall in love.
  • note: that girl is not a freaking mary sue. thank you.
  • shy girl falls in love with a ghoul.
  • ghoul = a demon that eats human beings for a living.
  • girl falls in love with merman?
  • mermaid falls in love with boy? 
  • no this is not the little mermaid.

thank you for reading this pointless entry of notes that randomly popped out of my head.

feel free to steal them. doesn't matter as long as i don't know you. 


that i know you don't have your own ideas.

i know it's stupid to randomly publish your ideas, but why not?

i just need to get my thoughts out for myself and the public. well. not really for the pubic.

but here are some rules i've typed out for myself and from other people. aka friends.

  1. don't make a character profile.
  2. don't use a tumblr picture of a girl for a character profile.
  3. in fact, never make one at all.
  4. no stupid "hi, my name is..." or "i'm in love with..."
  5. or "my hair color is beautiful, but i think i'm ugly like crap."
  6. no mary sues. please.
  7. read books. just keep reading them.
  8. get your entries done on time for writing contests. please (me).
  9. keep watching anime. forever.
  10. rin matsuoka is mine.

that's all for today!

thank you for reading this pointless entry of ideas.

i will publish a story soon. pfft. duh. as soon as i get used to again.


The End

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