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Ever wanted to know more about LesovikkDroa?... No? Eh, who asked you for your opinion, anyway?!


  Lesovikk: ... And I'll be dancing with myself, dancing with myself... Well there's nothing to lose, and there's nohing to prove, I'll be dancing with myse- Are we on the air? Oh-... Welcome, everybody, to our show tonight! Today, we have a special guest, say hi to... LesovikkDroa!

   Lesovikk: Hi everybody. 

 Lesovikk: ... Alright, so you understand how we do things on this show?

    Lesovikk: Well... I better, since I made thi-


 Lesovikk: -Then let's get started then!

    Lesovikk: Oh, ok...


 Lesovikk: Why don't you start by telling us a bit about yourself? Gender, age, height, etc.?

     Lesovikk: Wait- gender? I'm sitting right in front of you, you can't tel- Nevermind... I am a straight male of an undisclosed age, standing 1.8 meters (~6 feet) tall, with black hair and brown eyes. I am in school, but I'll never tell what level... Mwahhahh...


 Lesovikk: Interesting... So where do you currently write from?

   Lesovikk: I live in the United States currently, but I wasn't born there. I was born in Essex county, England, and my parents immigrated over the Atlantic when I had finished 1st grade. While I took the move well, I still tend to use Centigrade/Metric. And, for fuck's sake America, it's Football, not Soccer! You don't even use your feet in "football", I don't even get...


 Lesovikk: British-American? Explains a few things... So how do you like writing on that wonderful website, Protagonize?

   Lesovikk: Ay, what did you just say?... Urgh, moving on... Yes! Protag is amazing! The community is simply unreal here, it's great! They support each other, and most tend to be really active on the site. I do kinda feel like I'm not "indie" enough for the site, though... I'm not angsty, or deep, or all that inspiring. Hell, I'm a straight male working a normal job, it almost seems like a rarity here! Don't worry, I jest, I jest. *Smiles* Skilled writers, supportive, and active. Great community! 


 Lesovikk: It seems you had a bit of a jump-start when you first joined the site, where did that come from?

   Lesovikk: First of all, I have to give a huge shout out to Frosty_The_Lindo, Toxicemu, and GardeniasCastle. They were the first authors to find me on here, and I probably wouldn't be where I'm at now without them. Another part of that may have been a fair bit of luck... A down time right as I joined, both on the site and in my schedule. I was writing almost two pages a day then! 


 Lesovikk: ... I see things have, er... Slowed down...

    Lesovikk: Well... I have a job, as well as being a student, it doesn't give me a whole lot of time to post on the site... 


 Lesovikk: Excuses, excuses! Write more stuff! 

    Lesovikk: I am. Right now. Ever thought of that?


 Lesovikk: Er, uh...

    Lesovikk: ... And trust me, I update as much as possible. I have 200+ pages of Crusader written down in a notebook, and I'm a bit excited for That One Killer App, since we're just getting to the good parts.


 Lesovikk: If you're so excited about TOKA (That One Killer App), why don't you update it?

      Lesovikk: ... Did you even listen?...


 Lesovikk: Well, care to give us a bit more of your thoughts on TOKA's moderate sucess?

     Lesovikk: Really, I'm a bit baffled about it myself. It came out a bit... Different than I originally imagined. TOKA was originally going to be much darker, and much shorter, focusing more on the murders. I introduced Tracy as a small bit of comic relief, and ended up running with it. The theme shifted a bit, but I guess the core ideas was still there, it just ended up on the semi-backburner. TOKA, in my opinion, started as a thriller/horror tale and ended up a bit more like bubblegum pop for books. I'm too happy, all of my stories on paper reflect that, but the ideas I have are big and serious. Compared to those intangible ideas, TOKA is a pice of shit.


 Lesovikk: -"Piece of shit"? omghowcouldusaythat?!itsrealgud!!

    Lesovikk: Well, in my opinion, it kinda is a piece of shit... You have to remember, I'm the author, I don't look at the story from quite the same perspective as the reader. I know we're supposed to have confidence in our work, and all that crap, but every author out there knows what I mean. I mean, heck, even every artist- no, everyone who creates- Knows what I mean. My profile is practicly devoted to the feeling. It isn't good enough, even if someone tells you otherwise.


 Lesovikk: I don't believe you. TOKA is at least decent.

    Lesovikk: ... Trying my hardest to view it objectively, it does seem a little bit different than some of the thing that get posted to the site, but I immediately get snapped back into my role as the author if I try to delve deeper. As I said before, I am excited for the climax of TOKA and the pages that lead up to it, but I typicly get serious writer's remorse after I publish a page. I tweak, and tweak, and stuff never gets done. As the creator of the story, it's never good enough.


 Lesovikk: ... Speaking of writer's remorse, did you want to talk about your recently deleted story?

     Lesovikk: We don't speak of that story.

 Lesovikk: -Uh...

    Lesovikk: ... I didn't do it right. I tossed it out. I moved on. All part of the creative process, nothing to see here.


 Lesovikk: ... Uh... Alright, moving on, do you have any new projects planned/in-the-works?

    Lesovikk: I've always got some screwball plans for the future. Right now, I'm slowly working on a spin-off (or, rather, an accompanying) short story for TOKA, called TOKA: Strains of Insanity. I didn't want to waste the original feel of TOKA, so I just tweaked a few things and I'll publish it as that. I'm taking my sweet time, because I don't want it to be rushed like the original.

   Lesovikk: Another thing I always wanted to do was an interesting thing I thought up one day a year or two ago... In the near-to-middle future, corporations replace the remaining countries, and the only thing that matters is the now-limited 16.5 billion dollars left in the world. Enter our anti-hero, a tycoon of one of the largest corporations, as s/he deals with leading strategic warfare, rival politicians' serpentine under-handedness, and a rebel force that may or may not have the best intentions... I really want to focus on the drama, the moral-gray of the characters/world. I want this one to be a huge project, a deeper world and a deeper theme than TOKA and even Crusader. This one won't be published for a long time, but I am doing some serious plotting and world-building at this time.

   Lesovikk: I do intend to keep the Collab Duo-Week going, I just need to do some actual planning with AMCOLIN96 this time. *smiles shyly*


 Lesovikk: Sounds cool! But aren't they a bit... Ambitious? Considering your current situation...

     Lesovikk: ... They are. But you know what? Fuck you, me, I'm going to get some things done now! Just talking about these things has me excided to write more!


 Lesovikk: -Uncalled for. And on that note, we going to be right back, after a word from our sponsers!...

 Lesovikk: In the mean time, write in the comments any questions you want Lez to answer! Personal, story related, whatever! He'll answer them after the commercial break!...



The End

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