An idea

A boy is new in school who looks strangely familiar... ok honestly this happened to me but it seems to make a good prompt :) It is sort of in Diary form, oh I am so sorry for my bad spelling.

I was riding to school with my dad and we were talking about when I was little.

"Do you remember the kid that stayed at his grandma's alot?" I asked him. Even though I could tell he knew who it was.

"I miss him him, we were like best friends" I giggled

A new kid was at school and I asked my best friend who it was and she said his name was Eric. Then I asked my cousin about him and apparently he lived on the same road as me. I felt so stupid. I thought he looked so familiar and I was trying to get up the courage to ask him if he remembered me because I just knew it was my friend from when I was little. I only had one problem, He had no classes with me. I kept hoping that he would be in my study hall and then 8th hour came and a mirical happened, he walked in the class.

It was friday and I still never asked him but then on Monday during study hall he walked up to me and asked "Didn't we used to be friends?"  I nodded with a smile. "I was trying to ask you that all day on Friday" I confessed.

"Sure you were" he joked

"your house looks like a church" I told him. I know random but it did! It had a cross on it. He just chuckled.



The End

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