This is where I put a title, so for now, let's call this, "You can do it!"

I found myself writing something very similar to the body of this work earlier this morning, and thought it might be worthwhile to post it in the hopes that hesitant collaborators of all walks of life might draw strength from a reading of it. Ahoy!

first off, the anonymous recipient of this email indicated that they were struggling, reluctant to resume our collaboration.  The collaboration, just to be clear, involved a form of Protagonize Tennis, wherein the participants take turns creating sentences that complement the other's, preceding sentence, drawing as much inspiration and guidance from it as possible.  After a moment of deep, somewhat pained reflection, I dashed off the following...


I was able to forget my cares when I read and reread your sentence of the moment, savoring the implications and ripples that it created in the small space where my germinating thoughts of what could be soaked up your tasty sentences, one by one, and released a sweet fragrance of improvisational impulsivity that spurred my ability to quickly dash off a successor sentence with an unusually tiny amount of reflection, indecision, rewriting, hemming and hawing, and deleting everything I had just written for the stupid reason that it didn't measure up.  if you can read and understand what i am trying to convey to you with this paragraph of a sentence, please tell me.  if it is all too much right now, i would like to hear that, also.  I intend to encourage the socks off your pink little feet, if that is what it figuratively takes to knock you back into the thick of the process you were handling with beginner's luck, virtual poise, grace and imagination overflowing, until the doubt gained a miniscule foothold.  You are going to make it! I can see light at the end of the tunnel, and hope you do too. 

I am rereading this, months later, and want to turn it into a collaborative pseudojournal... join me!

The End

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