An Astronauts Parents Dose of Arrogance

Entire empires begin shattering,

I father the malleting,

With words not procured in the thoughts of others I utter

The written to make you feel like hiding with a shudder

Take care but don't peek or stare from under your cover

Murder is the intent of this air I invent

With it's own blanket of rank wit descending to smother

Your stuffy, fluffy, gimmicked, highly mimicked, dim lit

Slim style—it has been stale a while

Like a dead, beached whale pile

Run like a scared child

For I'm much

Too wild

To touch

You’re filed

Under un-adored,

You’re floored

With the same square tile

I want you to know

That when I say "YOU" I mean "ME" in this show

Oh sweet sanity, where did you go?

I'm attempting more arrogance

Than an astronaut's parents

I hope it's apparent

That I'm marking my merit

By writing without edit

Hitting SEND IT

Without much thought

And certainly not to have sought

A fight or to have fought

It's just that I have got

A lot of hot rocks too cool to be gems

Taking the mist out of mystical

With the cut crystal that I pen.

The End

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