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I created this journal to post story ideas that come to me, and what I could do with them, and to reflect on my characters and such.

So, I just joined Protagonize like one day ago, and I'm really trying to make a name for myself here. Don't know if that'll happen like on, but I love that I found this site and can collaborate with other writers. It really takes a lot for me to want to add to other's stories, especially if they have character bios that I have to follow. I feel comfortable playing my own characters.

This morning, I found this awesome character exercise called "The Therapist's Office" and it looks like SO MUCH FUN! I just wish that it was still being updated frequently, but I couldn't resist putting my villain in it and the idea of me talking to my own character in front of a therapist. I really hope I get to continue that and that the author can resurrect the other authors with their characters, because I think Victor could create a lot of choas among them.

So it got me thinking. Maybe one of these days, just for fun, I could write a novel called "Character Therapy" or "Character Rehab" or "Amy West's Character Rehab." Something like that. I'm still working on a title. The idea of that exercise really intrigued me. What if I took all 20 of my characters, put them into a novel with me, and had them take the bus to this psychologist's office, where I sit down with each of them, and the psychologist can try and help us work through our issues, and the issues the characters have with me as their author. It would definitely help me get into their heads and figure out what they want, and maybe even make my writing better. Then again, it could be a total disaster. LOL. Who knows. Some characters, although the "good" guys who love life, might find something to hate on me about. LOL. One little thing about their past that gripes them. They all have to be annoyed by something. And I think that each of them are.

I would offer to start a new collaborative story like this, but I doubt that it'll take off unless certain people really want to be active with it. This "Therapist's Office" doesn't seem to get a lot of attention. :( Unfair. It's the funnest and best idea yet! If anyone out there likes my idea and wants to try something like that with me, let me know. Otherwise, I know I'm on my own.

Thanks for listening anyway. Any input on my story idea would be great.


-Amy West

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