Ampersand Contest!!!!!

hey people of the non-science fiction fiction realm! there's a contest going on that you could qualify for!!!!

there's this contest called "The Ampersand Project" which is designed to cater to teen readers who prefer reality to fantasy- aka: no mythical creatures, angels, powers, abilites etc. it's a short novella contest of which the top ten entries will be chosen!!!!! 

the URL to find out more info and to submit your entry is below:

this is for dedicated writers, so if you think you can pull off a manuscript by Mid-April 2012, the first five chapters and a synopsis of plot and character development is due by Feb. 27 2012 at the LATEST! so don't wait until the last minute to send it in- the server is bound to crash!

Do it! the worst that can happen is if you get rejected, but then again, isn't being a writer 2% writing and 98% rewriting and getting rejected?

The End

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