The Start

During my second term of seventh grade, at which time I was 12, the school announced a field trip for the senior section of our branch. This consisted of grades 6 and 7. It was an overnight trip to Lahore, a city which was 4-5 hours away from our school by car.

This brought a buzz to our classes. Normally overnight trips were reserved for older grades, especially ones to places so far away. It promptly became the new hot topic for all those in the senior section; who was going, how would they be rooming, what would they be doing.

We began talking about it, and it was quickly decided that if Kylie and I would go, we would stay with Alvina. Since the rooms were supposed to hold only four people, this would bring major conflict to our group - usually, it was just us four close-knit friends (me, Kylie, and our two other best friends Izzie and Zoe). But changing my mind would have been impossible - while Kylie was reluctant to bring such dilemmas to our circle, I was intent on lodging with Alvina.

We gained permission, as did Alvina, and it dissolved into intense Skype sessions, deliberating over clothes and sleeping arrangements and many other things which should've taken far less time and video calls than it did, but we extended it. I must've drawn it out so taut that it became a little odd, but I didn't care. I was so pleased to be under her attention that I was practically preening.

Most of the Skype calls were rounded around the same topics, but there is one session that  has stuck in my mind. It was a Sunday video call, and I was in scruffy pyjamas. I eventually asked her to hold, while I inconspicuously changed.

Clearly I wasn't inconspicuous enough, as when I returned and sat back down, she squinted at the screen. "Did you just... change?" Alvina asked, laughing in a teasing way. I flushed, and must've made a fair amount of excuses, including 'my mum asked me to' and 'I was tired of being in my pyjamas', but she just kept laughing and eventually I did too.

That was one of the many virtues of Alvina - she had a way of making you feel like the best person in the world. The only person who truly mattered. That even when you did something stupid or weird, it didn't matter, because you were amazing. It was, as aforementioned, a drugging feeling, and let me tell you one thing - I could never had my fill of it.

The End

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