The Crescendo

My memory has never been good, and my diary has long since disappeared, but we gradually began talking more. She had given Kylie her Skype on our first meeting, and as we shared a room, I would often mildly listen to Alvina's teasing and Kylie's giggling while doing my homework. I had her Skype as well, now, but I was yet to gather up the pluck to talk to her as much.

But I gathered it, and we began talking more frequently. Before, I used to spend my free time in school with my solid, only best friends. Now, I started drifting towards her more often. I was, in a way, intoxicated by her presence and needy for more. And she always had enough for me. Despite one of my (two) best friends becoming annoyed with my persistent ditching, I just couldn't keep away. I was addicted.

It shouldn't have worked out the way it did; she was in a different section of our grade, and our sections rivalled. She was gorgeous; I was not. She was popular; I was not. She was, as I said before, a multi-faceted diamond; I was not. She was everything; I wasn't even close.

Before I go off on a self-depreciating tangent, there is something I must make clear. There is absolutely no doubt that I romanticized Alvina. I had seen her shy, but at the time that didn't make me think she was vulnerable. I never held her up to the light to check if she really was a diamond. (She was, and is, but the thing is, she was as much diamond as the rest of us.) But at that point, I didn't realize. 

Anyway. There was probably a sharp tack in the line where I realized we had surpassed the boundaries of acquaintances and had reached friends, but I can't recall. It could've possibly been a blurred line, but who knows. All I know, and all I really cared about was that suddenly, we were actual friends. Mates. Amigos. Buddies. It was a glowing, heady sensation of knowing that I, me, was friends with Alvina.

It was the beginning of something life-changing.

The End

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