The Meeting

When you look up the name Alvina, two of the definitions you will find will be 'friendly' and 'magical being'. Both of these meanings are a dead-on description of my first impression of her that I remember. (This story is on my terms, not hers.)

I remember having a terribly sore throat, so croaky that my voice was indistinguishable in the chaotic noise of school. So I didn't speak that day and instead wrote notes, apart from when people asked to hear how bad my voice was and I would demonstrate, voice mangled.

She were talking to my sister, and I was amicably listening to the conversation without actually making my presence known. I was rather shy, preferring to seep into the wallpaper rather than staining it bright. 

Her gaze finally met mine, and she was startlingly pretty, in an unusual way. She had a pointy chin, kohl-smudged eyes, and a ridiculously loose braid of dark hair down her back. I would've never have worn my hair like that. "Why aren't you saying anything?"

I vaguely gestured towards my throat, mouth, face, while my sister (Kylie) explained, "She can't talk. Sore throat."

She looked interested at that. "Really? Can you try?"

I cleared my throat, opened my mouth, and rasped out an almost incomprehensible, "This is how I sound when I try talking."

She winced in sympathy, and I can not explain to you how this felt. I was never bullied in class by anyone; the girls were nice and the boys just harassed me every once in a while. I kept quiet, and I had best friends. But Alvina had this unattainable feature to her, this - this unparalleled aura around her which I was already drawn to. I wanted to talk to her; to know her.

She continued talking to my sister.

I got to observe her in a way I hadn't been able to before.
I had seen her plenty of times before around school; she laughed too wildly and talked too loudly. Everyone knew who she was. And it would not be untrue to say she was popular, as she knew almost everyone.

But while she spoke to Kylie, I saw a muted side to her. She was quiet, slightly shy, just edging around awkward. It was a strange sight, because this wasn't the Alvina people knew. This was a wonderful new person who had as many facets to her as a cut diamond, and I liked that. The aura was still there, but it was penetrable, unlike before. 

Eventually, we departed from school, I can't remember who left first. But I remember that before leaving, she smiled sheepishly, waggled her fingers, and said, "Bye, Jezebel."

I am fairly sure I goofily waved back. 

The End

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