All the ways to love

It's a song. You'll like read it and then go make a BLT

1.You know me

I am undefined

But I'm here on earth

but not heaven, never heaven

Angels don't feel lost

Like they just won't ever catch up

And you know I am so lost



The bridge emotion takes

The physical expression of love

I wish I hadn't broken that bridge

So when you touched me I could feel something other than fear

There is love, I know I have love in me

It's brought light to this dark soul

If I tell you I need time

Will you know what I mean?

2.  There was a boy before you

Who always tried to be a man

In every single way

When it came to love he was a tyrant

And what he did can not be undone

Only barried


3.  But If you could love me

I could wear the scars as emblishments

I would hold my head high

If I were your girl

I would kiss you until all I felt was heat

Then I'd use that heat on your goosebumps

If you were my boy

You could show me how

Show me all the ways of love


The End

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